Case Studies

At Again Faster Equipment, we're here for all your CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, and In-Home fitness requirements. All across the UK and Europe, we have been instrumental in the setting up of massive commercial gyms, all the way down to small home gyms. Check out some of the types of projects we've been involved in below to get an idea of how we can help you turn your dream gym into a reality.


At Again Faster, our roots lie in kitting out CrossFit gyms with long-lasting, top-quality gear to suit high-intensity WODs. Learn more about some of the CrossFit facilities we've helped to set up over the years (and are still going strong today!)

Commercial Gyms

We've worked with commercial gyms of all shapes and sizes, from huge facilities with membership numbers into the 100s, down to smaller gyms with close-knit teams of personal trainers. Read more about how we helped these facilities turn ideas into reality.

Personal training

As more and more people look for bespoke training programs to suit their needs, small studios run by a handful or even just one or two, personal trainers have become increasingly popular. Read more about our tailored approach to setting up these sorts of spaces for PTs.

School Gym Case Studies

Creating gyms for schools, often with strict budgets and very specific requirements, can be tricky - but we have proven up to the challenge. Read more about how we have brought to realisation some top-quality training spaces for the education sector.