Olympic Fractional Weight Plates

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  1. Again Faster® Rubber Weight Plates Fractional 1.25kg (Pair)
    Again Faster® Rubber Weight Plates Fractional 1.25kg (Pair)
    Prix spécial 14,41 € Regular Price 18,01 €
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  2. Again Faster® Rubber Weight Plates Fractional 2.5kg (Pair)
    Again Faster® Rubber Weight Plates Fractional 2.5kg (Pair)
    Prix spécial 19,22 € Regular Price 24,02 €
    En stock
  3. Again Faster® 0.5kg-5kg Fractional Plates
    Again Faster® 0.5kg-5kg Fractional Plates

    Starting at 14,41 €

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Fractional Olympic Weight Plate Sets

At Again Faster, we understand that progress in weightlifting often comes from mastering the details. Our premium selection of Olympic fractional weight plates is designed to help you refine your lifting technique with precision. Whether you're a beginner focusing on steady progression or a seasoned athlete fine-tuning your training, our fractional weights are the perfect tool for incremental increases.

What Are Fractional Plates?

Fractional plates, also known as fractional weight plates or fractional Olympic plates, are small-weight discs used to increase the load on your barbell by the smallest of margins. These plates are from as small as 0.5kg to a maximum of 5kg, making them ideal for breaking through weightlifting plateaus and ensuring continuous progression.

Quality and Durability in Every Plate

Our Olympic fractional weight plates are crafted from high-grade steel with a sleek, durable coating that withstands the rigours of daily use. Compatible with any Olympic barbell, our fractional plates are robust and designed with a focus on functionality and style.

Why Choose Again Faster Fractional Plates?

Incremental Progression: Our fractional plate sets allow you to make small weight adjustments, ideal for strength training programs that require precise weight increments. High Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly on Olympic barbells, our fractional Olympic plates ensure a secure fit and easy loading/unloading, enhancing your training efficiency. Durability: Engineered for longevity, these plates resist wear and tear, making them a worthy investment for both home gyms and commercial fitness centres. Aesthetic Appeal: With a clean, professional look, our plates complement any gym environment.

Shop Our Range of Fractional Weight Plates

Explore our selection of fractional plates today and enhance your lifting routine. Available in various sizes, our fractional weight plates are sold individually or in sets, providing flexibility and value to your workouts. Achieve precision in your strength training with Again Faster's Olympic fractional weight plates — because every fraction counts towards your success! Browse our comprehensive range now and find the perfect fractional weights to suit your training needs. With Again Faster, step up your game, one fractional increment at a time!