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  1. Team folding power rack
    Again Faster® Team Folding Power Rack 2.0 - Black
    Prix spécial 393,96 € Regular Price 492,44 €
    En stock
  2. Again Faster® Team Plus Adjustable Bench - Black (Pre-Order)
    Again Faster® Team Plus Adjustable Bench - Black (Pre-Order)
    Prix spécial 235,42 € Regular Price 294,26 €

    Pre-Order - Shipping in September

  3. Again Faster® Competition Dynamic Cable Rack - Standard
    Again Faster® Competition Dynamic Cable Rack - Standard

    À partir de 3 228,45 € Regular Price 4 035,56 €

    En stock
  4. Competition Half Rack
    Again Faster® Competition Half Power Rack
    Prix spécial 1 201,07 € Regular Price 1 501,33 €
    En stock
  5. Again Faster® Evolution Power Rack Standard Short
    Again Faster® Evolution Power Rack Standard Short
    Prix spécial 269,03 € Regular Price 336,29 €
    En stock
  6. Rival Series Power Rack With J-Cups & Roller Cups
    Again Faster® Rival Series Power Rack
    Prix spécial 571,69 € Regular Price 714,62 €
    En stock
  7. Rival Series Landmine Attachment
    Rival Series Landmine Attachment
    Prix spécial 57,65 € Regular Price 72,06 €
    En stock
  8. Rival Series Monolift Attachments
    Rival Series Monolifts (Pair)
    Prix spécial 168,14 € Regular Price 210,18 €
    En stock
  9. Rival Series Plate Storage Shelves
    Rival Series Plate Storage Shelf
    Prix spécial 115,30 € Regular Price 144,13 €
    En stock
  10. Rival Series Ball Storage Shelf
    Rival Series Ball Storage Shelf
    Prix spécial 69,18 € Regular Price 86,47 €
    En stock
  11. Rival Series Dumbbell Storage Shelf
    Rival Series Dumbbell Storage Shelf
    Prix spécial 100,88 € Regular Price 126,11 €
    En stock
  12. Rival Series Kettlebell Storage Shelf
    Rival Series Kettlebell Storage Shelf
    Prix spécial 91,30 € Regular Price 114,11 €
    En stock
  13. Rival Series Jammer Arms
    Rival Series Jammer Arms (Pair)
    Prix spécial 172,96 € Regular Price 216,19 €
    En stock
  14. Rial Series J Cups
    Rival Series J-Cups (Pair)
    Prix spécial 76,87 € Regular Price 96,08 €
    En stock
  15. Competition Pulldown Seat Accessory
    Competition Pulldown Mounted Seat Attachment
    Prix spécial 211,38 € Regular Price 264,23 €
    En stock
  16. Rival Series Dip Bars (Pair)
    Rival Series Dip Bars (Pair)
    Prix spécial 57,65 € Regular Price 72,06 €
    En stock

Home Strength & Weight Training Equipment

Our strength equipment range offers the essential weight training kit of the best quality. Find the staple strength & weight training equipment, weight benches, power racks, squat stands and all the equipment needed for serious strength training. Enjoy both the durability and performance of high-quality strength training equipment in your home gym or gym facility.

Strength Training Equipment Range

The wide selection of Again Faster power racks, power cages, weight training benches and squat stands will help you build real strength training into your workouts. Our strength training equipment is built to be solid and hard-wearing, as we have developed a unique line of equipment that will deliver real value. Again Faster offers different lines of fitness equipment to suit all athletes and fitness facility standards.

Evolution Series Home Strength Training Equipment

We have a range of strength training equipment available including kit specifically designed for home gyms. Check out our Evolution Series for our strength equipment crafted for home gyms which includes space-saving options and equipment for easy storage.

This series features our most economical power rack, space-effective benches, and training equipment that goes hand-in-hand with home gyms.

Competition Series Strength Equipment

If you are looking for equipment for elite-level weight training equipment that is suitable for commercial facilities then take a look at our Competition Series products which are the perfect solution. This series features heavy-duty power racks, 450kg weight-rated benches and entire weight training rigs for group/ class training.

You can also explore our entire range of conditioning equipment which is great for functional training and features essentials for any gym environment.

Shop Our Strength & Weight Training Equipment Today

Strength training equipment is now the main focus of most fitness facilities and home gyms. Our unique designs and tough construction will stand up to vigorous gym environments and workouts. Whatever your goals or ambitions this year, Again Faster’s weight training equipment ranges provide true value and ensure performance on every occasion.