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  1. Again Faster Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells
    Again Faster® Rubber Coated Round Dumbbells

    Starting at 42,04 €

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  2. Again Faster Rubber Handle Hex Dumbbells
    Again Faster® Rubber Handle Hex Dumbbells

    Starting at 52,84 €

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  3. Evolution Hex Rubber Dumbbells
    Evolution Hex Rubber Dumbbells

    Starting at 42,04 €

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  4. Hex Dumbbells Rubber Coated
    Hex Dumbbells Rubber Coated

    Starting at 48,04 €

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  5. Again Faster® Dumbbell Storage Rack
    Again Faster® Dumbbell Storage Rack
    318,28 €

5 products

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Dumbbells are seen as one of the key essentials for any gym or working out at home, Again Faster dumbbells are tough, durable and long-lasting. We have a wide range of dumbbells to choose from, including hex dumbells and fully rubber-coated dumbells for extra comfort. Our dumbbells range from 2.5kg all the way up to 50kg for those that lift heavy weights or do more aerobic base workouts, so you can train and target any specific muscle group. Dumbbells are key for building muscle mass; however, they also provide effective resistance for functional fitness style training. 

Again Faster stock the traditional hex dumbbell designs that won't roll away across the gym and the more commercial rounded style dumbbells that are more common in public gyms. Our dumbbells are manufactured with the highest quality materials, with friction welded handles, and durable shock-resistant rubber ends that protects the equipment and flooring beneath. In addition, we have redesigned the dumbbell handles to provide an enhanced grip that performs throughout your whole workout. 

Why train using dumbbells? 

  • Dumbbells can improve stabilisation and muscle activation by activating both limbs equally through the lift, forced to perform the same level of work. Take a look at our guide to dumbbell training here, includes free workouts!
  • Dumbbells provide a unilateral workout, and there's less opportunity to overexert one side, which addresses any potential imbalances.
  • Workout intensity and variety are almost endless with dumbbells, with a range of motions and weights embedded into your training.
  • Improved overall movement, you don't have to lift in a fixed position to avoid any painful areas and target the specific areas you want to.

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