Gym Equipment Packages

Explore our selection of gym equipment packages suitable for athletes at all levels. These gym equipment packages have been created for home gyms, garage gyms and smaller personal training studio gyms. We have a package for you to have everything you need to workout and take your training to the next level.

Power Rack Packages

Our power rack packages offer a versatile training package for your training space. Whether you want a full-strength package or a space-saving option to hit your compound lifts, we have a selection for your needs. Add or remove the necessary components to create a perfect training solution.

Bumper Plate Packages

Increase your strength with our handy bumper packages and add to your current barbell training. These packages are also useful if you are looking to kit out your PT studio and need a range of plates for your clients. With a selection of plates suitable for any type of training you can increase your weight with ease.

Barbell & Plate Packages

Start adding barbell work into your home gym training with these plate & barbell packages. A barbell & weights is the most space-effective way to increase your strength and progress your workouts. Hit your pressing movements, squats and deadlifts with ease and get strong this year.