Strength Equipment For Home Gyms

We have an extended range of strength equipment suitable for home gyms from space-efficient dumbbells and kettlebells up to full home gym strength packages. Our range of home gym equipment features heavy-duty expertly crafted equipment that will support your training for years to come. Shop our collection today.

Home Gym Racks

Our home gym racks range features our expertly crafted reliable racks that are tailored to those smaller training spaces. For our truly modular versatile rack we suggest our Rival Series rack, or for our most space-efficient options we suggest our Evolution series power racks. Our Team folding racks are also perfect if you have a suitable wall to mount the rack on. 

Barbells & Plates

Hit those compound movements whilst training at home with our series of barbells and plates. Our barbell range offers some of the top-selling bars in the market, used routinely in functional training and Olympic weightlifting. Our weight plates and bumper are designed with durability at their core, to provide a high level of performance over time and in the most intense training environments. 

Gym Benches

Shop our range of gym benches today and find the perfect addition to your home gym setup. A bench is a vital component to add to your home gym and allow you to perform a whole host of exercises including presses, fly's squat variations and more. Choose from our smaller space-efficient benches to our heavy-duty 450kg rated benches.

Conditioning Equipment

Choose from a range of conditioning equipment to level up your home gym routine. We stock equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls and ropes that will allow you to train for any goal or competition. Build strength, core stability or your overall fitness with this series of products. They're also great additions to your home gym training if you are bored of the same old barbell routines.

Home Gym Packages

Choose from one of our tailored gym packages to improve your strength in your home gym. We have a range of packages available whether you are a beginner lifter or elite including barbell and plate sets or a comprehensive power rack package. These home gym packages are a simple way to kickstart your home training and will allow you to hit those compound movements.