Squat Rack Press Package

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Start building the home gym of your dreams with our Squat Rack Press Package, featuring our Squat Stand 4.0 rack to help you get the most out of your squat and bench workouts.

Also choose from our range of bars and benches to ensure this package meets your needs all the way. 

This package features: 

1 x Again Faster® Squat Stand 4.0

1 x Again Faster® Bench 

1 x Again Faster® Barbell

Again Faster® Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates 

Optional Team Squat Rack Accessories


Build your Squat Rack Press Package
Again Faster® Team Squat Stand 4.0   + £170.00
Again Faster® Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates (pair) – 5KG   + £40.00
Again Faster® Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates (pair) – 10KG   + £70.00
Again Faster® Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates (pair) – 15KG   + £85.00

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Squat Rack Press Package
Squat Rack Press Package

In stock


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Package summary

    Package Features

    Squat Stand 4.0

    Featuring a modular framework design, bidirectional bolt system, and variable hole spacing along the entire upright, this squat stand is the perfect rack for any home gym or large-scale facility.

    Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates

    The Again Faster Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates are durable, affordable, and designed to be the workhorse in your gym. We have optimised the materials and processes involved in manufacturing these bumpers to create a great piece of equipment at an even better price. Pick them up, put them down, repeat.


    A good bar is an essential piece of equipment for strength and conditioning training, but also a tool for self improvement, smashing PRs (on occasion) and sometimes just a way to take a few moments to yourself.

    Check out our Barbell Guide.


    Chose from 3 different bench styles to meet your movement needs, including standard flat, Competition and our adjustable bench.

    Our benches have been designed to provide a stable base for your workout. Each bench ships flat with minimal assembly required.

    Home Gym Guide