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Again Faster® Home Gym Rubber Flooring Tiles offer a protective matting that will shield the flooring beneath and reduce the level of noise produced by using heavy fitness equipment. Easy to fit, you can quickly cover your strength training area with a robust gym flooring tile that will offer excellent protection against repeated impacts to your equipment and joints.

Made from durable and robust rubber, add a professional level of flooring to your home gym and instantly upgrade your training space. The wear-resistant design properties will ensure a long lifespan and consistent level of performance over time. Most importantly, the tiles will add comfort to your training with a soft feel and anti-slip surface. 

Available in a minimum of 4, these tiles are great for any strength training space needing underfoot cushioning and protection. The high-density fine-grain surface will provide plenty of grip during workouts and can be easily transported around the gym where needed.

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    Squat Rack Gym Package

    Start building the home gym of your dreams with our Squat Rack Press Package, featuring our durable 11-gauge steel Squat Stand 4.0 rack to help you get the most out of your squat and bench workouts. Buy all the equipment you need to build the total strength training set up in one package. This squat rack package provides a versatile workstation for you to perform the key movements such as squats, bench, overhead press, clean pulls and many more.

    Our Team series squat rack comes with a range of accessories to expand your training further, from dip stations to safety spotter arms.

    Choose from our wide range of weightlifting bars and benches to ensure this package meets your needs all the way. We've ensured all the home gym strength training essentials are available, from the different Again Faster ranges. This squat rack package will provide you with a solid base to enjoy your training from.

    This package features: 

    1 x Again Faster® Squat Stand 4.0

    1 x Again Faster® Bench 

    1 x Again Faster® Barbell

    Again Faster® Bumper Plates 

    Optional Team Squat Rack Accessories

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Again Faster
Brand Again Faster
Rack Dimensions 185cm height, 123cm width, 122cm depth
Colour Matte Black
Rack Style Free Standing
Max Training Capacity 450kgs
Trustpilot Review

Squat Rack Package

Again Faster squat racks are adjustable in height using the included j-cups and can hold a barbell with weights to perform the key squatting and pressing movements. By utilising the squat rack package in your home gym or training facility, you'll be able to build strength in the quads and glutes, as well as strengthening your core. Many sports now require explosive power that originates from the legs, our squat rack package will give you the total workstation to build the strength in your legs and glutes.

Adding a weight bench to the squat rack set up will unlock further exercise possibilities to give you the full-body strength workout. Again Faster squat racks are portable and have a small footprint, coming with a range of rack accessories to add additional training options. Squat racks will fit into a corner, are easy to move and are better for spaces with low ceiling heights. If you don't require a bulky power rack, the squat rack will be the centrepiece you need to perform the key barbell weightlifting exercises.

Package Features

Squat Stand 4.0

Featuring a modular framework design, bidirectional bolt system, and variable hole spacing along the entire upright, this squat stand is the perfect rack for any home gym or large-scale facility. The Again Faster Squat rack has a small footprint, built with durable 11-gauge steel and can be customised with accessories. 

Your Choice Of Bumper Plates

Again Faster Bumper Plates are durable and designed to be the workhorse in your gym. We have optimised the materials and processes involved in manufacturing these bumpers to create a great piece of equipment at an even better price. Pick them up, put them down, repeat.


A good bar is an essential piece of equipment for strength and conditioning training, but also a tool for self improvement, smashing PRs (on occasion) and sometimes just a way to take a few moments to yourself.

Check out our Barbell Guide.


Chose from different bench styles and colours to meet your movement needs. Our bench range now features our new and improved grippy padding for maximum support.

Our benches have been designed to provide a stable base for your workout. Each bench ships flat with minimal assembly required.

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