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  • Description

    Though our most affordable Olympic weightlifting barbell, like the rest of the bars in our lineup, the Again Faster Evolution Barbell consistently outperforms its price point. Designed to be the answer for high volume training on a budget, this bar is perfect for a gym owner looking to get fully stocked on weightlifting barbells, or as a great addition to any home gym. The knurling on the Evolution bar has been kept softer than the rest of the line, as they are more frequently used for high rep movements.

    A bright zinc finish throughout the barbell makes for a great looking bar, along with IWF standard Olympic knurl marks. The Evolution barbells are great for those looking for an economically priced barbell that can cover a range of training methods.

    If you are an advanced athlete who Olympic lifts more regularly, we recommend the Team Barbell series. 

    Always protect your investment! Wipe down your bar regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil. See our Barbell Maintainance Guide for more information and helpful tips to extend the life of your Bar.

  • Features
    • The AF Evolution Bar has a 209,000 PSI tensile strength, significantly higher than what is generally considered the standard for an everyday lifting barbell.
    • Fully knurled barbell shaft to the collar for total hand grip during snatch movements.
    • Oil impregnated bronze bushings are press-fit into the inside faces of the collars to provide durability and smooth surface contact with the shaft.
    • A pair of ball bearings coupled with a steel bushing are set in the outer end of each collar, which creates better spin than a standard bushing-only bar.
    • Softer knurling for high repetition functional training.
    • Collars are secured with an internal horseshoe collar and a pair of external snap rings locking the end caps into place.
    • Evolution Bars come with a bright zinc finish. 
    • 15-kg and 20-kg colour-coded end caps.
    • Evo Barbell shaft diameters
      • 15KG: 25mm
      • 20KG: 28mm
    • Suitable for Olympic weightlifting movements.
    • Always protect your investment! Wipe down your bar regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or a 3-in-1 oil.
  • Warranty

    Again Faster Evolution Barbells are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase against bending or breaking, with the exception of negligence, accidents or normal wear and tear. The warranty covers any manufacturing flaw. For warranty issues, please contact our Service Team at or +44 (0)1159 455454. Terms and conditions: Only to be used on shock-absorbent gym flooring. Using stable matting and flooring types that are not specifically designed to be shock-absorbent will invalidate your warranty. Only to be used with Again Faster Bumper plates. Maximum load :20kg Evolution Barbell 300kgs. 15kg Evolution Barbell 205kgs Not to be stored loaded on a rack. Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

  • Shipping And Returns

    28-day returns, full return policy available here. 

Inexpensive performance

209,000 PSI strength - Providing a lifting experience that is both flexible and strong in performance. The manufacturing techniques used on the barbell shaft ensures a smooth feel once the bar has been finished in production. The performance of this barbell has not been compromised for pure strength, through design it maintains those qualities while delivering a great feel during high volume training.

Performance - The Evolution barbells have been designed to be an everyday barbell, performing well in Olympic lifts and general strength training work. Using a mixture of bushing and ball bearings provides a more superior spin to the standard bushing bar, with snap rings to secure the collar.

Weight and Finish - The Evolution Barbell is available in a Silver finish and 2 separate weight options, 15KG and 20KG. Evolution barbells come with IWF grip markings for weightlifting.

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