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Again Faster® Team Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack

A space-saving folding squat rack that's both strong in build and design.

Whether a home gym, garage gym, CrossFit® affiliate, or strength and conditioning facility, there’s almost nothing more valuable than useable floor training space.

We’ve designed the Again Faster® Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack to not only be a sturdy, versatile rack from which to do your barbell work but one that can be easily folded away when not in use. Once you've completed your workout, simply fold away using the movement handles and attach into the secure pin locking system.

Our folding squat rack is solid in its design, using an engineered hinge design to minimise sway when folded out and in use. Providing the stability you will need during those heavier barbell workouts, allowing you to lift with confidence from the thick 11-gauge 50x80mm steel frame. Laser-cut holes and strong hardware are used to maintain full strength once fully constructed.

Pair this squat stand with a wall or ceiling mounted pull-up bar and you’ll have everything needed to push yourself through virtually any workout while avoiding the inconvenience of reassembly.

The folding rack is held in place securely with two wall-mounted locking pins when stored away. There's no need to be moving equipment around your training space to set up your workouts with this squat rack.

The Team Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack is compatible with our Team Rack Accessories.



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Space Saving Rack Press Package
Space Saving Rack Press Package

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      Build Your Folding Rack Package

      Don't let space limitations get in the way of your home gym goals, build the ultimate home gym package with our space-saving press package. Choose from either our popular wall mounted folding squat rack or the inward folding power rack complete with an adjustable pull-up bar for even more workout options. 

      The folding rack package has become a favourite in home and garage gyms, providing the complete set up for all the key compound movements and more. Also, choose from our range of bars, bumpers and weight benches to ensure this package meets your needs all the way.

      This package features: 

      1 x Again Faster® Folding Squat Rack

      1 x Again Faster® Bench 

      1 x Again Faster® Barbell

      Again Faster Bumper Plates 

    Your home gym starter package:

    Package Features

    Folding Squat Rack

    Our popular folding squat racks are the ideal solution to your home gym needs when space limitation is a big consideration. Choose from the Wall Mounted Folding Squat Rack (great for height restricted space) or the Inward Folding Rack complete with adjustable pull up to maximise your workout options.

    Your Choice Of Rubber Bumper Plates

    Again Faster Plates are durable, affordable, and designed to be the workhorse in your gym. We have optimised the materials and processes involved in manufacturing these bumpers to create a great piece of equipment at an even better price. Pick them up, put them down, repeat.


    A good bar is an essential piece of equipment for strength and conditioning training, but also a tool for self improvement, smashing PRs (on occasion) and sometimes just a way to take a few moments to yourself.

    Check out our Barbell Guide.


    Chose from different bench styles and colours to meet your movement needs. Our bench range now features our new and improved grippy padding for maximum support.

    Our benches have been designed to provide a stable base for your workout. Each bench ships flat with minimal assembly required.

    Home Gym Guide