Commercial & Home Gym Racks

We have a wide range of power racks suitable for all your serious lifting needs. Our power racks provide the best level of support for your strength workout whether that be at any home gym or commercial fitness facility.

Competition Series Power Racks & Accessories

Again Faster Competition Series Power Racks have been designed to meet the demands of elite-level strength training.

Featuring our top-of-the-line racks with a huge range of accessories and customisations available. Perfect for any commercial gym, functional fitness or elite performance centre.

Rival Series Power Racks & Accessories

Our Rival Series Power Rack is perfect for those serious lifters who need a home gym whilst also being suitable for commercial use. This power rack was designed to be truly modular with a whole host of accessories depending on training preferences.

This rack is suited to those with a larger home gym space, PT studio or commercial facility.

Team Series Power Racks & Accessories

Our Team Racks are a long-lasting solution for your home gym, and strong enough for commercial use. Whether you need a full-strength package or a space-saving folding rack, this series is crafted to support you in your training.

Evolution Series Power Racks & Accessories

The Evolution Series Power Racks are the perfect accompaniment for your home gym and will allow you to perform the core lifts with ease. They offer great value and the most features available for your home gym setup. Having access to a solid power rack will revolutionise the quality of your home training.