The Top 5 Power Racks For Your Home Gym

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Best power racks for your home gym
19 June 2023 5 min read
The Top 5 Power Racks For Your Home Gym

So you want to level up your home workouts?

Whether you currently have a few dumbbells in a garage or already have a sophisticated home gym setup, a power rack will completely revolutionize your home workouts. A power rack is one of the biggest investments you can make for your home gym and can turn a small workout space into a fully-functional setup that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Let’s take a look at the most effective solutions. In no particular order, here are our top 5 power racks for a home gym:

Team Folding Power Rack 2.0

This folding power rack offers a durable and space-efficient training solution that will allow you to hit all your key movements. When space is at a premium, many have to sacrifice a power rack, however, this folding power rack offers a sturdy design that can fold away when you are not using it.

The rack has a height-adjustable pull-up bar to allow bodyweight exercises into your lifting routine. You can also perform movements such as the bench press, squat, rows and more. The height of this rack comes to 91”/ 231cm and is wall mounted so ensure you have a suitable installation site before considering this product.

Team Folding Power Rack

Team Folding Power Rack Features

  • 91” Height x 47” Width x 24” Depth.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • Power rack weight: 62kgs.
  • Folds inwards and outwards.
  • Integrated pull-up bar and pair of j-cups included.
  • Available in colours: Black, red, or blue.

Rival Series Power Rack

Our Rival Series Power Rack is brand new for summer 2023. This power rack has been designed is the ultimate home gym rack which is both durable and reliable that comes with a range of options to suit any training needs. If you feel restricted with a basic rack but still have to be space-conscious you’ll be right at home with the Rival Rack.

This rack offers a truly customizable and modular design with multiple accessory options. There is a weight storage extension which is great if you use lots of weight plates in your training and helps with storage, making it a great option for commercial use too.

Team Power Rack

Rival Series Power Rack Features

  • 84” Height x 48” Width x 35” Depth (74” deep with storage extension).
  • Freestanding with bolt-in options.
  • 43 height adjustments with West Side hole configuration.
  • Power Rack weight: 105kg.
  • Pull-up bar and 450kg rated safety straps included.
  • Available in matte black.

Evolution Power Rack – Standard Short

Featuring our most economical power rack that is perfect for those height-conscious spaces. This is a go-to solution for those keeping a close eye on their budget whilst creating a home gym. Though this is not as heavy-duty as our other power racks, the Evolution Power Rack offers great functionality and performance. With a max weight capacity of 315kg, you’ll have no trouble performing your compound lifts and going for PR’s.

This shorter power rack is 72” (183cm) in height making it ideal for smaller spaces where the ceiling isn’t as high. You’ll find a range of useful features in this power rack making it a compact, versatile package.


Evolution Power Rack – Standard Short Features

  • 72” Height x 48” Width x 48” Depth (58” wide at rear bottom brace).
  • Freestanding with quick assembly.
  • J-cups, pull-up bar, spotter pins, and weight pegs included.
  • Available in the colour black.

Competition Half Power Rack

Our high-end specification, no compromises rack is part of our premium Competition Series. Typically used for commercial settings, this rack is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best of the best and have the space available to you. This rack is developed for high-end strength training and sets a new standard for quality, functionality and durability. This really is a serious lifters rack.

The Competition Half Power Rack will overperform in every department. With a rock-solid extended base providing a 600kg rated frame, even the strongest lifters will have the confidence to train heavy.

This rack features weight horns so you can safely store a range of weight plates and comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar for those bodyweight exercises. Whether you are a powerlifter or cross-fitter this rack will support you and your training goals. This elite-level half-power rack is the ultimate home gym rack that will exceed all expectations.

competition half power rack

Competition Half Power Rack Features

  • 93” Height x 58” Width x 56” Depth
  • Freestanding with optional floor bolting joints.
  • Weight horns in both 6” & 12” for storage.
  • 4-way laser cut holes for unlimited accessory possibility.
  • Power Rack Weight: 180kg.
  • Dual-lock spotter arms, multi-grip pull-up bar included.
  • Compatible with our Competition accessories.
  • Available in matte black.

Evolution Power Rack Plus

The evolution power rack plus showcases all the great features of the Evolution Power Rack – Standard Short but comes in 11” taller and includes a versatile multi-grip pull-up bar for more pulling variations. You will be supported for all your major compound exercises with a 315kg max weight capacity.

This rack showcases a great option for those home gyms that aren’t as restricted in height but still want a space-saving option for their training. The Evolution Power Rack Plus will support you in your strength journey and allow you to take on a range of training styles in one versatile package.

Evolution power rack plus

Evolution Power Rack Plus Features

  • 83” Height x 48” Width x 48” Depth (58” wide at rear bottom brace).
  • Freestanding
  • Power rack weight: 60kg
  • Multi grip pull-up bar, j-cups, weight pegs and safety spotter pins included.
  • Available in colours: Black, red or blue.

Choosing The Right Power Rack For Your Home Gym

And there you have it. Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of which power rack is suitable for you. There aren't many pieces of equipment out there that are as effective as a power rack. Each power rack has their own advantage depending on your needs. Carefully consider your circumstances before deciding which rack is best for your home gym including:

  • Your budget.
  • Floor space available.
  • Ceiling height.
  • Flooring type.
  • Walls (wall-mounted rack).
  • Training style.
  • Training frequency and experience level.
  • Essential features require.
  • Buying a power rack for your home gym will completely revolutionize your home workouts, so take time to find the best solution for you. Shop our full range of home gym and commercial gym power racks.

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