Again Faster® Team Inward Folding Power Rack 2.0

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  • Description

    The Again Faster® Inward Folding Power Rack is the latest addition to the Again Faster power rack collection.

    Utilise the space in your home gym or commercial facility to the maximum with our inward folding power rack, complete with a height-adjustable pull-up bar to add bodyweight exercises to your training plan. Hit all of the key movements with the Again Faster folding power rack, bench press, squatting, pull-ups and more. The rack is designed for ease of use by having a simple pin and hinge system to allow you to pull out and store away the rack quickly. Enjoy the sturdiness of a regular power rack but taking up a fraction of the space, use the rack as a squat stand, power rack or pull up rig system!

    Create a truly functional workout in under a minute of set up once installed, in your home, garage or small training space with the folding power rack. Simply fold out the rack when you need it and fold away when you require the space for alternative use.

    Plastic lined J-cups included with the power rack.

    Please note that the upright measurements for version 2.0 are 5cm x 8cm. This rack is compatible with our range of squat rack accessories, but the previous version with a measurement of 3"x3" is not compatible with any accessories. 

  • Features
    • Matte Black durable powder-coated finish
    • Height: 89"/226cm 
    • Width: 47"/119.5cm 
    • Depth: 24"/61cm 
    • Weight: 62kgs
    • Upright Width: 5cm x 8cm made with 11-gauge steel
    • Space-saving fold to the wall design 
    • Plastic lined J-cups included (1 pair)
    • Easily adjustable pull-up bar  
    • Laser-cut upright numbering for accurate j-cup adjustments
    • Please note that this product does not include instructions for wall mounting. Contact your local hardware or builder for advice on installing this rack in your space
    • This product is not suitable for outdoor use and to do so will invalidate the warranty
  • Warranty

    The Again Faster Inward Folding Rack is covered under our 1 year warranty. The warranty is not transferable and entitles the original purchaser to a repair or replacement of defective products from the date of purchase, with the exception of negligence, accidents, normal wear and tear, or damage due to alteration, storage or handling by the user. For warranty issues, please contact our Warranty Department at or +44 (0)1159 455454

Again Faster
Brand Again Faster
Rack Dimensions Height: 89"/226cm, Width: 47"/119.5cm, Depth: 24"/61cm
Colour Matte Black
Rig Style Wall Mounted
Max Capacity 450kgs
Included Accessories J-Cups Plastic Lined, Integrated Pull-up Bar
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Power Rack Features

Full Bench
J-Cups Included With Numbered Uprights

Height Settings
Height Adjustable Pull Up Bar included

Seat Pad
Matte Black Finish

Bench Pad
Locking Pins Included To Keep Your Rack Secure

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