A Guide To Building Your Home Gym

Get the best home gym equipment for your training needs. 

Reading Time: 5 Minutes 

What does a home gym mean to you?

Whilst some might prefer training with others as a break from other aspects of life, there are a number of people choosing to invest in a home gym.

Nothing says convenience more than being able to step straight from the dinner table to your own personalized training space.

To start off with, you may want to build yourself a workout wishlist, what do you want to be able to achieve and what equipment do you need to get it done? The answers to this question will define your next steps.

What are the considerations of setting up your own home gym equipment?

  • Budget - This is perhaps the first thing you will consider. Once you have built your workout wishlist, narrow it down to your 'must-haves' and build up equipment over time. Consider using personal finance as a way to get the equipment you need without the initial cost.

  • Spatial Requirements - Is the space around you big enough to do the workouts you want? If you have a garage, can you fit a barbell lengthways plus a meter each side if you are wanting to perform clean and jerks etc? You might need to get a little creative with your space, wood rings can be hung from pull up bars for bodyweight training, but some moves may not be possible.

  • Structure - Is the building strong enough for the equipment you need, both around and above you and is the space free from damp? When purchasing items such as a pull-up bar or wall mounted rack, we would recommend speaking to your local hardware store or builder to ensure the equipment is securely fastened to the type of floor or ceiling that you have in place.

  • Safety - As home gym workouts are typically performed alone, safety is a big one. Squat racks are the ideal training partner, with attachments to help with your lifting, but other things to consider is what else will be stored in your training space? If you have the room for a gym to exist on its own, then great. If you also need to keep your tools or gardening equipment in this space, then planning out your space is imperative.

What are the core items to get you started with your home gym essentials?

We’ve put together this handy list of items to help build out your gym with a maximum range of workouts in mind.

What is the best flooring?

Flooring is an important consideration for a home set up for a number of reasons: firstly to protect the existing setup, to minimise noise disturbance and most importantly for safety.

We would recommend our 43mm tiles for home use. These tiles are designed to keep sound levels down, whilst protecting your equipment.

What are the benefits of having a training space at home?

You probably know the answer to this one already, and these are the reasons you are considering the investment. Modern life has us running around all over the place with an unspoken rule to always be available, phones must always be charged and providing a constant stream of notifications. We must always be on.

Having your own training space is a great way to create the environment you need to take some time to work on you, without the commute to the local gym. Ultimately, a way to claim some time back in your day.

Longer term, a home gym is a good investment in your training. No longer are you spending £30-£150 per month on a gym membership that perhaps doesn’t quite satisfy everything you need. No restrictions on what equipment you can use (other than space), and no obnoxious signs or glares from the staff when you try and PB your clean and jerk.

What are some tips to keep you motivated?

Make the space your own. Invest in a Bluetooth speaker or other sound set up and build yourself the ultimate workout playlist, gone are the days of finding the perfect headphones to take to the gym, or indeed losing them. It’s your gym and you can party if you want to.

Set yourself some clear goals and write them down in big letters, so that when you walk into the room it’s right there in front of you, and all you need to do is set the wall timer and get on with it.

If you are in the process of setting up a home gym, we’d love to help. Drop us a message via social media or email and our team will assist with anything you need.

If you need some more advice on what equipment to buy, take a look at our Barbell Guide & Bumper Plate Guide

That’s it from us, let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions and send us your pictures to be featured on our website! 

Happy lifting! #StrongAF