Barbell Storage

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  1. Again Faster® Toaster Bumper Storage Rack
    Again Faster® Toaster Bumper Storage Rack
    172,96 €
  2. Dual Bar Hanger
    Dual Bar Hanger
    72,06 €
  3. Competition Series Barbell Hanger
    Competition Series Barbell Hanger
    60,06 €
  4. Competition Series Barbell Tube Stand
    Competition Series Barbell Tube Stand
    60,06 €
  5. Again Faster® Barbell Gun Rack
    Again Faster® Barbell Gun Rack
    115,30 €
  6. Again Faster® 9 Bar Holder
    Again Faster® 9 Bar Holder
    144,13 €
    Non Disponibile
  7. Again Faster® Vertical Barbell Storage Rack
    Again Faster® Vertical Barbell Storage Rack
    93,68 €
    Non Disponibile

Barbell Storage

Transform your workout area with the Again Faster collection of barbell storage solutions. Designed for durability and ease of use, our range of racks and hangers ensures your training space remains organised, safe, and ready for any workout intensity.

Maximise Efficiency with Barbell Storage

Barbells are essential tools for strength training, but without proper storage, they can clutter your gym space. Explore our range of barbell storage options to find the perfect fit for your fitness facility or home gym. From wall-mounted hangers to free-standing racks, each product is crafted to keep your workout area neat and accessible. Barbell Storage Options:
  • Dual Bar Hanger: Ideal for small spaces, the Dual Bar Hanger keeps two barbells secure and off the floor. Its compact design makes it perfect for home gyms where space is at a premium.
  • Competition Barbell Hanger: Display your high-quality barbells with pride. This hanger accommodates multiple bars and is built to support the weight of competition-grade equipment without bending or warping.
  • Competition Barbell Tube Stand: For gyms that demand the utmost in organisation and safety, the Competition Barbell Tube Stand offers vertical storage for up to eight barbells, ensuring they stay in pristine condition.
  • Again Faster Toaster Rack: This movable rack holds several barbells horizontally and features wheels for easy mobility, allowing you to rearrange your space as needed.
  • Again Faster Barbell Gun Rack: A robust wall-mounted solution, the Barbell Gun Rack supports up to six barbells, freeing up floor space while keeping your equipment orderly and scratch-free.
  • Again Faster 9-Bar Holder: When maximum storage is needed, this holder offers a centralised point for up to nine barbells, making it an essential for busy gyms.
  • Again Faster Vertical Barbell Storage Rack: A versatile and space-saving option, this rack holds up to five barbells vertically, ideal for tight spaces.

Get Organised with Again Faster

Maximise the functionality of your training environment with Again Faster barbell storage. Whether you're looking to save space, improve safety, or enhance accessibility, our products provide the reliability and organisation you need to keep your focus firmly on your fitness goals. Explore our range today and find the perfect storage solution to complement your barbell collection.