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  1. Spring Collars
    Spring Collars
    Special Price 5,76 € Regular Price 7,21 €
  2. Magnetic Barbell Collars
    Magnetic Barbell Collars
    Special Price 28,82 € Regular Price 36,04 €
  3. Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars
    Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars
    Special Price 14,41 € Regular Price 18,01 €
    Non Disponibile
  4. Aluminium Olympic Collars
    Aluminium Olympic Collars
    Special Price 23,06 € Regular Price 28,82 €
    Non Disponibile
  5. Barbell Collar Clamps Pro
    Barbell Collar Clamps Pro
    Special Price 19,22 € Regular Price 24,02 €
    Non Disponibile

Barbell Collars, Clamps, Locks & Clips

At Again Faster, we know that a secure fit between your barbell and weights is crucial for effective and safe weightlifting sessions. Our range of barbell collars, designed to meet the needs of both casual fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, ensures that your weights stay firmly in place, no matter the intensity of your workout.

Olympic Bar Clips: Precision and Durability

Our Olympic bar clips are crafted for the ultimate in precision and durability. These clips are designed to fit standard Olympic barbells, making them an essential accessory for your weightlifting setup. Whether you're performing dynamic lifts like the snatch or clean and jerk, or basic squats and presses, our Olympic bar clips provide the safety and stability you need to focus solely on your performance.

Barbell Clamps: Easy to Use, Tough to Break

Explore our collection of barbell clamps, renowned for their ease of use and exceptional holding power. These clamps are engineered to offer a snug fit without damaging your barbell, making them perfect for quick weight changes during high-paced training sessions. With a simple locking mechanism, you can secure and release weights swiftly, keeping your workout flow uninterrupted and efficient.

Barbell Locks: Unmatched Security

For those who need unmatched security and peace of mind, our barbell locks are the perfect solution. These locks are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy lifting and repeated use. Ideal for both home gyms and commercial fitness centres, our barbell locks ensure that your weights remain locked in place, providing a safe and stable lifting environment.

Explore Our Range of Barbell Collars & Clamps

Our selection includes: Spring Collars: These classic collars offer simplicity and effectiveness for everyday use. They are perfect for quick adjustments and fit securely on all standard Olympic bars. Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars: Preferred by professionals for their lightweight design and superior locking capability, these collars are ideal for those seeking a blend of security and ease of handling. Barbell Collar Clamps Pro: For the serious lifter, these advanced clamps feature an enhanced grip and robust construction, ensuring that your plates stay in place, no matter the load.

Quality Guaranteed: Order Now

Shop our range of barbell collars, clamps, locks, and Olympic bar clips today and experience the difference in your training regime. Quality, reliability, and safety are just a click away. Order now to elevate your weightlifting practice.