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It all started when the three of us (Andy, Zac & Danny) started working together at a local gym. I started there first, Danny came on as a gym instructor and Zak was studying at University. We eventually all ended up doing PT sessions for clients and developed a really good relationship and friendship. 5 years in I decided to take the plunge starting out on my own at ‘The Strength Factory’. Zak joined me after a couple of years before Danny came onboard too. 5 years after the inception of The Strength Factory we all created the ‘Hybrid Performance Centre’.

We realized there was a gap in the market for hybrid style training and noticed this in our own training too. We had moved away from the classic bodybuilding style training to a more overall fitness based approach. We also began to notice that there was a huge market for group training.

Patience was a huge factor for us during planning stage and first few months upon opening Hybrid Performance. One thing that we really underestimated was how much kit we needed and how much demand the business would have. As we got busier and busier we realized we had to increase the amount of kit we had. The team at Again Faster got us the kit nice and fast so the classes could keep growing at the rate they were doing without the members losing any kind of satisfaction in the sessions.

The biggest thing I have learned along the way is that team is everything. All 3 of us all had a similar mindset by being driven and want to go places whilst we all bring something different to the table. We also have brought in new team members to help us in other areas which has helped us accelerate far quicker.

The strength and conditioning space is constantly evolving with new trends coming in all the time. Our message to members is that they are always going to be ready for a fitness event utilizing this style of training, whether they are 12 weeks away from a marathon, Cross Fit event or Hyrox. Fitness is constantly changing so we like to showcase these different styles of training and allow people to come away from focusing on one single discipline.

The good thing about the team at Again Faster was their ability to custom design the setup around our facility so we could fully utilize the space that was available to us.

We had really good contact with Again Faster throughout.

Daniel, Coach & Co-Founder of Hybrid Performance Centre

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