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We know how important it is to get the right fitness equipment for your home or commercial gym. This is your investment, not just financially but in yourself or your community.

Take a look at our selection of guides below to help you make the right choice for you. If you have any additional questions or just want to chat to someone, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team via messenger or email.

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How To Setup A Home Gym With Limited Space

Whilst some might prefer training with others as a break from other aspects of life, there are a number of people choosing to invest in a home gym. Nothing says convenience more than being able to step straight from the dinner table to your own personalised training space. Read this guide on how to setup a home gym with limited space.

How To Choose A Power Rack Or Squat Stand Image

How To Choose A Power Rack Or Squat Stand

With a huge range of options available, choosing the right power rack or squat stand for your needs and training space can be a daunting task and also very easy to get wrong. We've summarised some of the most fundamental questions we frequently receive from customers, hoping to provide answers and more in this article.

Gym Flooring Guide Image

Gym Flooring Guide

A commercial or even home gym is a big investment, and amongst the many considerations you may have to make, flooring is sure to be a big part of that consideration. We would always recommend using high-quality rubber tiles for a few reasons.

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Barbell Buying Guide

A good bar is an essential piece of equipment for strength and conditioning training, but also a tool for self improvement, smashing PRs (on occasion) and sometimes just a way to take a few moments to yourself. This guide will help you choose the right barbell for your needs.

Bumper Plate Buying Guide Image

Bumper Plate Buying Guide

Bumper plates are one of the most critical pieces of equipment in any home gym or commercial fitness facility. Whether you are buying your first set of bumper plates or looking to upgrade, this article will present the options for you to make the right choice.

Exercise Bench Buying Guide Image

Exercise Bench Buying Guide

The humble weight bench is one of the most essential items for any home gym set up. Although a seemingly simple piece of equipment, the range of movement they provide is unparalleled. We've put together this guide to our bench range to help you make the right choice for your training needs.

Barbell Maintenance Guide

Barbell Maintenance Guide

Barbell maintenance is something a lot of people tend to overlook. After spending money on a high-quality barbell, the last thing you want is for them to rust. We are here to help you maximise the performance of your bar and make sure it serves you for as long as possible.

Bumper Plate Maintenance Guide

Bumper Plate Maintenance Guide

Almost every gym setup has a selection of bumper plates. But how much thought have you ever really put into how to care for your bumper plates to make sure they last as long as possible? Read our detailed guide to bumper plate care and maintenance.