Weight Bench Guide

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Again Faster Gym Weight Bench Guide

The humble weight bench is one of the most essential items for any home gym set up. Although a seemingly simple piece of equipment, the range of movement they provide is unparalleled. If utilised fully, a good weight bench is capable of a wide variety of movements, perhaps more than most of the resistance machines you would find in a commercial gym, at just a fraction of the floor space.

Our weightlifting benches are suitable for all abilities, from the novice powerlifter to the experienced weightlifter training for competition. A high max capacity means that your training can go as far as you need it go.

Here at Again Faster, we offer a range of fitness benches to suit your needs. We've put together this guide to our bench range to help you make the right choice for your training needs.

Again Faster Weight Benches

We offer an extensive range of weight benches to suit all strength training needs, each bench providing high levels of features, design and construction. We know the flexibility a supportive weight bench can bring to your workout, so we have designed all of our benches to consistenly perform over time.

AF Team Flat Bench
Team Flat Bench

The Again Faster Flat Bench was engineered to be stable, durable, and easy to assemble. The Flat Bench ships deconstructed to minimize shipping costs, and after a simple, single person assembly, the heavy duty frame and pad can handle anything that you can throw at it.

Our Flat Bench is a part of a staple set up for any home gym, allowing you to get the most out your space, this bench is easy to store and suitable for compound lifting. Also available in wide format.

Technical Details
Pad Finish Textured Vinyl
Available Colours Black, Red
Bench Weight 22kg
Bench Dimensions 43” Length x 21” Width x 20” Height
Pad Thickness 4cm
Max Capacity 450kg
AF Competition Adjustable Weight Bench
Competition Flat Bench

This bench is rated with a max capacity of 400kg and designed to meet the International Powerlifting Federation standards, this bench can take a max rep or PR without question. Measuring at 17 inches in height, the competition bench helps the athlete to maintain form when training and keep their feet firmly positioned on the ground.

Now available as standard or with a wide pad, you can ensure maximum comfort and no distractions during your powerlifts, whilst the grippy texture of the pad helps maintain stability.

Technical Details
Pad Finish Grippy
Available Colours Black
Bench Weight 19kg
Bench Dimensions Height - 17" x Length - 48" x Width - 12"/14.5" (wide pad)
Pad Thickness 8cm
Max Capacity 450kg
AF Team Adjustable Weight Bench
Team Adjustable Bench

The Team Adjustable Bench is the newest addition to the Again Faster range and includes our core features such as a grippy vinyl pad and 11-gauge steel frame to give you confidence in your performance.

Featuring 6 adjustable back positions and 3 seat position options, this heavy-duty adjustable bench can take your heaviest lifts with a max capacity of 400kg, whilst maintaining support with our firm, vinyl coated padding.

Technical Details
Pad Finish Grippy
Available Colours Black, Red
Bench Weight 35kg
Bench Dimensions 1270mm length x 298mm width x 444mm height
Pad Thickness 5cm
Max Capacity 450kg
AF Competition Adjustable Weight Bench
Competition Adjustable Bench

Ideal for weightlifting, the 7 different settings to allow you to chose from a range of exercises to suit your goals, as well as 5cm padding for maximum comfort to keep you focused and roller pads for maximum stability during your lifts.

The bench can be adjusted from 85 degrees all the way down to a -20 degree decline to provide some challenging core workouts, with a range of seat settings to ensure you have the optimal setup. This bench has been designed to be a solid piece of kit for any home or commercial gym.

Technical Details
Pad Finish Grippy
Available Colours Black, Red
Bench Weight 39kg
Bench Dimensions Height 17.5" x Length 54"x Width 26"
Pad Thickness 5cm
Max Capacity 450kg

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