Again Faster® EZ Curl Bar

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The Again Faster EZ Curl Bar is specially designed to make curls easier, by reducing the strain performing these movements can place on your joints.

For anyone who hasn't come across an EZ Curl Bar before, they have a zig-zag design that creates angled gripping points along the bar. They are specially designed for bicep and tricep exercises, and the angle of the gripping points allows you to use a semi-supinated grip, instead of a straight grip you would need to use with a traditional barbell. This allows you to perform curls and develop your triceps and biceps in a way that's kinder to your joints.

The more "natural" or ergonomic way you grip an EZ bar greatly reduces the pressure and strain that many feel in their elbows, wrists, and even their shoulders. Whether it's for tricep extensions, bicep curls, skull crushers or even shoulder raises, most will find that an EZ curl bar is more comfortable to use. In contrast, many find that using a straight bar causes a feeling of strain at the joints for these types of exercises (especially at the elbows) and so find that switching to an EZ curl bar makes a huge difference.

The bar has a hard chrome coating, which is one of the most durable and rust-resistant coatings for a barbell. This ensures that the maintenance and upkeep of your EZ Curl Bar is greatly reduced.

The knurling is a medium depth and is similar to what you find on our straight bars; many EZ curl bars feature no knurling, which can make the progression to heavier lifts challenging without a good grip. For those wanting to go heavy, this bar has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg, enough to support even the strongest of lifters. 1 needle bearing and 1 bushing per sleeve gives a great balance between stability and spin to the bar, and also helps to reduce the strain placed on your joints.

Always protect your investment! Wipe down your bar regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil. See our Barbell Maintenance Guide for more information and helpful tips to extend the life of your Bar.




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