Choosing The Best Gym Flooring

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Choosing The Best Gym Flooring
30 July 2019 4 min read
Choosing The Best Gym Flooring

Why Rubber Tiles Are The Best Choice For Your Training Space

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A commercial or even home gym is a big investment, and amongst the many considerations you may have to make, flooring is sure to be a big part of that consideration. We would always recommend using high-quality rubber tiles for a few reasons. To understand this properly, we will take a detailed look at the flooring tiles to understand the functionality and protection that investing in good flooring can provide.

First Impressions

The top side of the tile is the performative side, where all the work is done. The rubber flooring features become of larger importance mostly when the mid load / heavy barbells are dropped on the floor during CrossFit workouts or when on-ramp classes of Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman or other types of training.

In a commercial setting, anyone looking to train will walk into your gym and the flooring will be one of the first things they notice. The initial impact is smell (good quality flooring is odourless) and then we progress to more technical demands like the bounce height of the barbell.

Especially during WOD's, good quality flooring means that sound and vibration decrease during drops and the stability of an athlete's feet during heavy lifts. Small details like peeling of the granulate and avoiding the 'rubber dust' on your back after you lay down on the floor (after a particularly tough workout) or when performing the dreaded burpee (good flooring should have minimum peeling), can make all the difference.


Protecting Your Investment

Another point of view is from the owner side, flooring is very essential to protect the longevity of your investment, which means longer lasting gym equipment (especially the barbell bearings and bushings and bumper plate collars) and preserving the building infrastructure. Good quality gym flooring will also protect the concrete floor below the rubber as well as reducing noise and vibratio, which is an important consideration for any home or commercial set up; no one wants to be dealing with angry neighbours after a session.

Of equal importance is the cleaning and maintenance part; the floor needs to be easy to clean, resistant to damage and moisture, and very easy to install and uninstall if necessary for moving home, etc.

Tile Thickness

Installing the proper flooring thickness is the cornerstone for saving money in the mid-long term, avoiding possible complaints and construction work on the concrete floor or walls later down the line. We recommend a minimum flooring thickness of 20mm for the gym floor (we also offer 30mm for extra protection), and 43mm for the weightlifting area where people may be dropping heavy loads.

The cheapest flooring option can turn into the most expensive one after 2-3 years when the tiles and equipment may need replacing, any potential construction work on the cement floor and complaints from gym-goers whilst the repairs take place. If we are talking about your home gym then damage to your property can come at a huge cost.

This is why is very important to plan and choose the best flooring quality and thickness. It saves time, money and stress!

Tile Thickness

About Combativo Flooring

Technical info:

• Made in the EU (100% EU product)

• Indoor Air Comfort Certified A+

• Vibration and sound insulation tested

• Without harmful chemicals

• Made from recycled rubber

• Optimal rebound of weights

• Anti-slip

• Easy to clean

• Easy to install

• Shock absorbing

• Robust, wear resistant

• Flame retardant

• 2-year warranty

Product Details

Fitness Standard, HD and Premium - 20mm

The standard option and the bestseller, an all-around tile, with very good sound/vibration absorption, excellent rebound control whilst remaining resistant to harm, easy to clean, easy to install and cut.

Weightlifting Tile - 30mm

This tile is requested so often that we have now made it available to order online, the 30mm tile is a great option if you want that extra bit of protection for during weightlifting moves, it's great for weightlifting platform drop areas and can be used as overall gym floor covering as well. These tiles offer increased noise reduction, easy installation and can be cut with the proper tools.

High Impact Standard and High Impact HD - 43mm

The 43mm tile in Standard and HD version offers the best sound/vibration absorption of all the flooring options. The standard version is a bit softer, and sometimes not the preferred from heavy lifters (heel can sink a bit, very low ratio but experienced lifters can feel it) but the best buy for gym owners with sound and vibration issues.

You can find out more technical details about the Again Faster x Combativo flooring range here.

Ordering Your Tiles

We offer a range of flooring tiles available online for home gym purchases or gym tops ups. For more flooring information and to get in touch with us, please see our gym flooring page!

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