Again Faster® Team Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack

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  • Description

    Whether a home gym, garage gym, CrossFit® affiliate, or strength and conditioning gym, there’s almost nothing more valuable than useable floor training space. We’ve designed the Again Faster® Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack to not only be a sturdy, versatile rack from which to do your barbell work but one that can be easily folded away when not in use.

    Pair this squat stand with a wall or ceiling mounted pull-up bar and you’ll have everything needed to push yourself through virtually any workout while avoiding the inconvenience of reassembly. The folding rack is held in place securely with two wall-mounted locking pins when stored away. There's no need to be moving equipment around your training space to set up your workouts with this squat rack.

    Our folding power squat rack is solid in its design, using an engineered hinge design to minimise sway when folded out and in use. Providing the stability you will need during those heavier barbell workouts, allowing you to lift with confidence from the thick 11-gauge 2x3" steel frame. 

  • Features
    • Designed with a hinge support system that minimizes horizontal sway better than similar products on the market, our solid design bears the brunt of a weighted barbell and meets it with unmatched stability.
    • With a simple 3-step set-up, this retractable squat stand allows you to spend less time moving equipment and more time using it, whether at home or in the midst of a busy class.
    • Efficiently designed, this all-in-one unit has no detachable components when in use or when stored away, reducing clutter and the risk of losing pieces.
    • Two lock pins secure the hinge design to create a stable, safe base you can trust to shoulder the weight of every PR attempt.
    • Whether it’s a garage gym, basement or open concept facility, this retractable power rack allows your space to serve all of its intended functions without sacrifice.
    • Paired with the Again Faster Home Pull-Up Bar, you can easily squat, bench and do pull-ups without the inconvenience of reassembly.
    • Built with durability and stability in mind, we’ve manufactured the squat stand with 11-gauge, 2x3” steel tubing, and 5/8” hardware.

    When extended to the floor, this rack has a footprint of 32” x 48” x 70”. When retracted against the wall, it measures only 9” x 48” x 92”. J-Cups included

    Please note that this product does not include wall mounting hardware. Contact your local hardware store for advice regarding what bolts are best for your wall.

    This product is not suitable for outdoor use and to do so will invalidate the warranty.

  • Warranty

    The Again Faster Wall Mounted Squat Rack is covered under our 6 Month warranty. The warranty is not transferable and entitles the original purchaser to a repair or replacement of defective products from the date of purchase, with the exception of negligence, accidents, normal wear and tear, or damage due to alteration, storage or handling by the user. For warranty issues, please contact our Warranty Department at or +44 (0)1159 455454

Again Faster
Brand Again Faster
Rack Dimensions 32” x 48” x 70” when extended, 9” x 48” x 92” when against the wall
Colour Matte Black
Rig Style Wall Mounted
Max Capacity 300kg
Included Accessories J-Cups
Practical Design & Functional Construction
Squat Rack 1
Simple Installation

Easy to install and compatible with concrete, brick and drywall. Wall mounting hardware not included.

Squat Rack 2
Can Handle Up To 350kg

Don't be afraid to squat your max weight, the squat rack is made from gauge 11 construction steel.

Squat Rack 3
Simply Fold Into Place After Use

Waste no time after your work out, simply fold back against the wall and lock into place with the pins provided.

Compatible Accessories

Pull Up Bar
Home Pull Up Bar

Dip Station
Dip Station

Spotter Arms
Spotter Arms

Flat Bench
Flat Bench

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