Again Faster® Tri-Grip Rubber Weight Plates 25kg (Pair)

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  • Description

    Again Faster® Tri-Grip Rubber Weight Plates are constructed with a solid steel core and encased in a thick resilient rubber coating. The rubber weight plates are suitable for weight training and powerlifting workouts, with the tri-grip handle design allowing for improved grip for transportation and exercises without a barbell.

    The rubber coating provides an extra layer of shock-absorbing protection for your equipment and gym surroundings while helping to reduce the amount of noise created when in use. The high impact and shock absorbent rubber coating on the plates will be much kinder to your flooring than traditional steel plates. The rubber-coated finish provides a more pleasing aesthetic finish over standard raw iron or steel plates, helping your gym equipment selection to stand out.

    Weight plates are a great option for those looking to load up their barbell and lift heavy, those looking to train for Olympic weightlifting will require bumper plates specifically designed for dropping. Rubber weight plates are designed for lifts that are performed in a controlled manner, like benching and squatting. Our Tri-Grip plates are available in a full spectrum of weights from 1.25kg-25kg and designed for 2" Olympic barbells. 

    The Again Faster Tri-Grip Plates are not suitable for dropping during Olympic Weightlifting movements. Doing so will invalidate the warranty. For Olympic weightlifting equipment, see our range of rubber bumper plates

  • Features

    <li>Available in 1.25KG - 25KG weight options</li>
    <li>Weight plates are supplied in pairs</li>
    <li><span>Plates suitable for use with 2” centre diameter Olympic weightlifting barbells, EZ bars, hammercurl and straight bars (smooth or threaded sleeves)</span></li>
    <li><span>Soft stainless steel insert for easy barbell and machine loading</span></li>
    <li><span>Load more weight onto the barbell with the thinner plate design</span></li>
    <li>Thick resilient rubber coating for increased durability</li>
    <li>The rubber coating provides shock-absorbing noise reduction and added equipment protection</li>
    <li>Tri-grip handle design for easy transportation and extra workout movements</li>
    <li><span>Mix up your training and utilise the handle grip design with farmers walks, front raises, tricep extensions and more</span></li>
    <li><span>The rubber surface is quick to clean and maintain</span></li>
    <li>+/- 3% weight tolerance</li>
    <li>Embossed logo with KG weight markings</li>
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  • Warranty

    This Again Faster Product is covered under our 6-month warranty. The warranty is not transferable and entitles the original purchaser to a repair or replacement of defective products from the date of purchase, with the exception of negligence, accidents, normal wear and tear, or damage due to alteration, storage or handling by the user. Regular maintenance must be carried out in order for the warranty to be valid, please see maintenance videos on product pages for further assistance. Again Faster Plates will not be replaced under warranty if they are used incorrectly. For warranty issues, please contact our Warranty Department at or +44 (0)1159 455454

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Again Faster® Tri-Grip Rubber Weight Plates are a great option for home gyms and commercial fitness facilities looking for a lower-cost weight plate alternative. Weight plates are designed for mounting heavy loads onto 2" barbells and plate loaded machines, allowing for more weight in a smaller area by having a thinner surface. The stainless steel plate insert is embedded into the iron plate, creating a strong firm feel when sliding onto the bar.

The rubber weight plate coating provides a grippy surface to keep to plates close together when loaded on a bar or machine, also preventing additional noise compared to traditional raw steel or iron plates. The thick rubber coating will prevent chipping or peeling over time to provide a longer-lasting investment if properly maintained. Favoured for their ease of transportation around the gym, the weight plates handles can also be utilised for a range of workouts, such as front shoulder raise, farmers walk and many more. 

If you aren't looking to perform any Olympic weightlifting movements, rubber weight plates will offer a great looking weight training plate that provides longevity and safety in your workout space.

Why Rubber Weight Plates?

  • Lower cost alternative to bumper plates if dropping isn't required
  • The rubber coating helps to reduce noise over raw steel and iron plates
  • The rubber coating helps to protect your equipment and flooring 
  • The rubber coating helps protect again rusting 
  • Ergonomically designed with versatile tri-grip handles

Weight Plate Dimensions
Weight Thickness Diameter
1.25KG 19.5mm 163mm
2.5KG 24mm 205mm
5KG 40mm 235mm
10KG 45mm 370mm
20KG 48mm 435mm
25KG 54mm 450mm

Rubber Weight Plate Reviews (1.25KG-25KG)

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