Again Faster® Team Rack Safety Spotter Arms

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  • Description

    Safely execute heavy lifts with the added assurance of having easy-to-mount spotter arms at the bottom of your squat.

    Compatible racks - Wall-Mounted Folding Squat Rack, Squat Rack 4.0, Squat Stand 3.0, Inward Folding Squat Rack 2.0

    These accessories are not compatible with the Evolution Power Rack or the Inward Folding Squat Rack original. 

  • Features
    • Sold in pairs
    • Easy channel lock adjustment
    • Durable 6 mm thick UHMW plastic lining to protect barbell knurling
    • Length: 18” (457mm)
    • Steel Quality: 11-gauge, 6-mm thick steel
    • Matte black finish 
  • Warranty

    The Again Faster Competition Rig Components are covered under our 3 Year warranty for the framework Items and 6 Month Warranty on the accessories. The warranty is not transferable and entitles the original purchaser to a repair or replacement of defective products from the date of purchase, with the exception of negligence, accidents, normal wear and tear, or damage due to alteration, storage or handling by the user. For warranty issues, please contact our Warranty Department at or +44 (0)1159 455454

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