Again Faster® Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates (pair) – 25KG

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  • Description

    Extremely durable, colour coded and engineered to solve all of the problems generally associated with recycled rubber plates, the Again Faster 25kg Crumb Rubber Bumpers are the next evolution of the bumper plate.

    These plates are distinctive in every way and the result of an inside-out approach to improving one of the most commonly used products in the functional fitness world.

    If you would like to learn more about our Bumper Plates check out our Bumper Plate Guide.

  • Features
    • High-contrast colour speckles, which correspond with traditional Olympic weightlifting plate colouring, allow weights to be identified at a glance, meaning a safer, more organized, and better-looking gym.
    • Unlike traditional crumb rubber bumpers, the collars are co-moulded into the rubber, making them more durable and preventing a free-spinning collar that eventually plagues so many similar plates.
    • Again Faster drop tests samples from every batch of Crumb Rubber Bumpers with 8,000 – 12,000 drops for quality control assurance.
    • Ultra heavy duty would be an understatement.
    • Engineered with a softer bounce than other recycled rubber plates, you get all the durability benefits without having to worry about bars flying around the gym when dropped from overhead.
  • Warranty

    This Again Faster Product is covered under our 1-year warranty.

    The warranty is not transferable and entitles the original purchaser to a repair or replacement of defective products from the date of purchase, with the exception of negligence, accidents, normal wear and tear, or damage due to alteration, storage or handling by the user.

    Regular maintenance must be carried out in order for the warranty to be valid, please see maintenance videos on product pages for further assistance. Again Faster Bumper Plates will not be replaced under warranty if they are used incorrectly. Incorrect use includes, but is not limited to: dropping 5kg and 10kg plates from above hip height and dropping them on to unprotected or concrete flooring.

    For warranty issues, please contact our Warranty Department at or +44 (0)1159 455454

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Durable With A Softer Bounce. 

Made From Recycled Rubber - In designing the Again Faster crumb plates, the recycled rubber mix has been reformulated to create a different style of crumb plate. Created by grinding up rubber into 'crumbs', the rubber is then bound together using a binding agent glue along with heat and pressure. Coloured flecks have been added for the rubber to Olympic colour code the plates, allowing you to identify the plates you are lifting more easily, helpful in a busy gym setting.

Durable Moulds - The greatly improved durability of the rubber, along with the strong co-moulder collars make for a seriously durable bumper plate. The precision steel inserts are made from stainless steel, allowing the plates to slide smoothly onto the barbell. The crumb plates undergo some of the most rigorous testings in the industry, with batch sample plates dropped thousands of times before passing quality standards.

Softer Bounce - The bounce is even softer on the crumb plates, making it an ideal plate for those with noise concerns near their home or facility as the plate will absorb the shock impact very well. By absorbing drop shock and bounce,  the plates will prevent damage to your weightlifting barbell over time. The softer plate construction makes for a very tough style of plate, offering a long-lasting quality. 

Noise Reduction - These plates are perfect for home gyms, commercial gyms and facilities looking for a durable plate with a quieter softer bounce. The rubber material mix creates a dampener effect with quieter sounding bumper plates, with less shock and noise. If noise is a consideration in a residential area, crumb bumper plates are a suitable option.

Crumb Bumper Plate Details

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