Project_R - Boutique PT Studio

Project_R is a dedicated personal training site and boutique PT studio based in Southampton owned by Rob Newman. At 1700sqft the studio is quite an intimate space, very private and with a cap at 3 clients per hour. The studio feels far removed from a commercial gym space.

Financing is always a big consideration for any fitness facility and Rob had to outline where the budget was going to go. With influences from the hotel industry more than the fitness industry; Project_R has great client facilities and a feel to the studio that means every client feels at home. Rob had to consider what was best for the size of the facility:

"Our size meant space management dictated our buying choice. My own interests are influenced by the best boxes and I had a personal interest in weight lifting. This meant premium equipment, quality & durability were all paramount.

Our equipment choices were focused on maximising space while keeping functionality high, while I also wanted a sense of consistency that fitted with our brand and Again Faster was an obvious choice from the start. They provided a hugely helpful buying process where I was supported throughout - communication was excellent.

Timing was key for the launch as we were building the room around us and Again Faster were able to deliver an entire studio fit-out when we needed it and it felt like a smooth operation!"

"We already had an established client base pre-launch and having a finished studio to give to those clients promptly was very important. Again Faster were able to deliver an entire studio fit-out when we needed it and it felt like a smooth operation!"

"Again Faster have made the startup of Project_R an enjoyable experience and as a facility owner, it always feels like retail therapy."

Rob Newman, Owner of Project_R

Again Faster & Project R gym
Again Faster bumpers at Project_R
Again Faster Dumbbells
Multiple Again Faster Barbells on holder
Again Faster Weight Bench
Again Faster x Project R
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Team Bar

Crumb Plates
Crumb Rubber Plates

Home Pull-up bar
Home Pull-up Bar

Freestanding Adjustable Bench
Competition Adjustable Bench

Slam Ball
Slam Balls


Hexhead Dumbbells
Hexhead Dumbbells

Dumbbell Storage Rack
Dumbbell Storage Rack

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