Our Ultimate Home Gym Bundles

To get you started on your home gym journey, we’ve put together packages to suit your needs.

Whether that is space, level or desire, we have a combination of options to choose from. This includes our space-saving solutions featuring a foldable rack to a full power rack for optimal home gym workouts.

Space Saving PackageSpace Saving Package


Don’t let space limitations get in the way of your home gym goals. Build the ultimate home gym package with our space-saving press package.


This package features:

1 x Again Faster Rack

1 x Again Faster Bench

1 x Again Faster Barbell

Again Faster Bumper Plates



Power Rack Press PackagePower Rack Press Package


Start building the home gym of your dreams with our Rack Press Package, featuring our Evolution Power Rack. This package is packed full of features to help you get the most out of your workouts such as a multi-grip pull-up bar, weight pegs, J-cups and safety bars. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced lifters with a rack weight rating of 300kg.

This package features:

1 x Again Faster Evolution Power Rack

1 x Again Faster Bench

1 x Again Faster Barbell

1 x Again Faster Bumper Plates 



Rival Series Full Strength PackageRival Series Full Strength Package


Transform your home gym space into a fully functional training hub with the Rival Series Power Rack & full-strength package. This package features all of the essentials to completely revolutionise your home workouts and is designed for anybody serious about lifting that needs a space-efficient solution.

This package features:

1 x Rival Series Power Rack

2 x Roller Cups, J-Cups, Safety Straps (included in Rack)

1 x Rival Series Storage Extension 

Rival Series Accessories



Not Sure Which Setup Is Best For You? Explore all Our Home Gym Packages

Our Customers Home Gyms

Take some inspiration from others in the Again Faster community and copy their home gym setup.

Again Faster Home Gym Setup
Home Gym Rack
Again Faster Folding Power Rack Bundle
Garage gym equipment
Home gym bundle
Rack for home gym

Again Faster Home Gym Setup
Home Gym Rack
Again Faster Folding Power Rack Bundle
Garage gym equipment
Home gym bundle
Rack for home gym


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