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  1. Again Faster® Bumper Tree Storage Rack
    Again Faster® Bumper Tree Storage Rack
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  2. Again Faster® Toaster Bumper Storage Rack
    Again Faster® Toaster Bumper Storage Rack
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  3. Again Faster® Rolling Bumper Storage Rack
    Again Faster® Rolling Bumper Storage Rack
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Bumper Weight Plate Storage Holders

The effective organisation of your gym equipment plays a crucial role in maximising workout efficiency. Our dedicated range of bumper plate storage options is designed to keep your space tidy and your plates readily accessible, making your training sessions as seamless as possible.

Premium-Grade Bumper Plate Storage

Our bumper plate storage solutions are crafted to meet the needs of both home gyms and professional setups. With robust designs and easy accessibility, these storage racks are not only functional but also enhance the aesthetics of your training environment.

Again Faster Rolling Bumper Storage Rack

Featuring heavy-duty wheels, this rolling storage rack allows for easy mobility around your gym. Ideal for dynamic spaces, it offers the flexibility to relocate weight plates effortlessly during different training sessions. Built to withstand the rigours of a heavy lifting environment, the Rolling Bumper Storage Rack ensures your weights are secure and organised.

Again Faster Bumper Tree Storage Rack

Maximise your floor space with our vertical storage solution. The Bumper Tree Storage Rack allows for the vertical arrangement of weight plates, making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces or tightly organised gym areas. This rack also features 2 bar holders suitable for Olympic-sized barbells. Designed with a solid base, this rack remains stable even when fully loaded with heavy plates, ensuring safety and reliability.

Again Faster Toaster Rack

The low-profile design of the Toaster Rack offers easy access to weight plates, making it perfect for quick weight changes during workouts. Its compact structure is ideal for smaller spaces. Store up to 2 barbells and easily move around the gym with 2 wheels and handle. Constructed with high-grade steel, the Toaster Rack is built to last and withstand heavy use, providing excellent value for your investment.

Explore Our Weight Plate Storage Collection

Each product in our line-up, from weight plate holders to comprehensive storage systems, is designed with the user in mind, ensuring durability, functionality, and style. Whether you're outfitting a commercial gym or upgrading your home workout space, our weight plate storage solutions offer the perfect blend of competition quality and home gym affordability.

Why Choose Again Faster?

Our products are engineered to the highest standards, ensuring they stand up to the toughest workouts. With feedback from professional athletes, our designs are optimised for practicality and ease of use. Transform your training area with Again Faster's weight plate storage systems. Organise your space efficiently and invest in your fitness journey today. Browse our selection and find the ideal solution to suit your workout needs and space requirements.