Weight Bench Guide

Fully updated for 2022

The humble weight bench is one of the most essential items for any home gym set-up. Although a seemingly simple piece of equipment, the range of movement they provide is unparalleled. If utilised fully, a good weight bench is capable of a wide variety of movements, perhaps more than most of the resistance machines you would find in a commercial gym. Better still, they require just a fraction of the floor space.

Our weightlifting benches are suitable for all abilities, from the novice powerlifter to the experienced weightlifter training for competition. A high max capacity means that your training can go as far as you need it go.

Here at Again Faster, we offer a range of fitness benches to suit your needs. We've put together this guide to our bench range to help you make the right choice for your training needs.

Use the buttons below to skip to our flat benches, adjustable benches, or to get shopping right away. Otherwise, read on for advice on what sort of weight bench you should choose for your gym as well useful information on all 9 of our weight bench designs.

A Quick Weight Bench Buying Checklist

There are a few basic things you're going to want to look out for before you dive into the specifics of which weight bench to buy. We think you'll need to consider the following before you buy a weight bench:

  • Weight capacity: Check the capacity of the bench is higher than your own body weight plus the maximum you expect to lift. Our bench capacities start from 250kg though, so there should be a bench to cover even the most serious of weightlifters!
  • Bench size: Check the dimensions of the bench carefully, especially if it's for a home gym where space is going to be limited.
  • Suitability for your training: More on this in a moment, but make a list of all the training exercises you're ever going to want to do, then make sure you pick a bench that will accommodate them. In particular, you'll want a good idea in mind if you're going to want flat, incline, or decline functionality (or a bench that covers all three).
  • Environment: We'll run you through our bench ranges shortly, but if you're after a bench for a commercial setting, check you've picked a bench rated as suitable for commercial use. Conversely, if you only need the bench for personal use a few times a week, it might pay to opt for a lower-spec bench that still serves your needs, so you can spend that extra money on some different toys for your home gym!

Again Faster Bench Ranges

If you're looking to buy a weight bench, it can be difficult to figure out a bench that will be suitable at a glance. At AF, we have separated our gym benches into three ranges that suit different training levels and environments to help you make the right decision when buying a weight bench. From benches perfect for occasional home gym use all the way up to benches that can stand up to the demands of a busy commercial gym, we've got you covered. The three ranges are:

  • Evolution Benches: These exercise benches are the entry-level option, ideal for use in a home gym. Double-check the maximum weight capacity but if you're just after a weight bench to use 3 or 4 times a week in a home gym, you may not need to go any higher than our Evolution benches (and it doesn't hurt to have a bit of extra cash to spend on other fun gear for your gym either, right?)
  • Team Benches: Our Team weight benches are the mid-range option. If you're after a reliable beast for your home gym, then Team benches won't let you down, and will stand up to the training regimes of even the most serious home gym lifters. They also boast a build quality that will stand up to the demands of lighter commercial use. So if you run a small PT studio, for example, a Team bench could be a great shout.
  • Competition Benches: The gold standard, top of the pile, highest spec weight benches we offer. Our Competition weight benches are designed for the rigours of commercial environments. And because they're built strong, they're super-popular for home gymmers who want the very best gear money can buy too. When you buy from our Competition commercial weight bench range, you know it will last.

Flat VS Adjustable Weight Bench

One of the first decisions you'll have to make when buying a weight bench is whether you'll want a flat or an adjustable weight bench. Below, we have listed the main advantages of each as briefly as possible to help you to make a provisional decision on what you might want to go for.

Flat Benches

  • If you're only planning on powerlifting and Olympic lifts, you should only need a flat bench
  • Generally smaller and more manoeuvrable, great for compact gyms
  • Usually much cheaper, saving money for extra accessories for your gym
  • Fewer/no moving parts mean less to go wrong and fewer parts subject to wear over time
  • One solid pad with no gap offers maximum support for lifts
  • No set up necessary; move into place and start training right away

Adjustable Benches

    • Often considered a must-have for bodybuilding, enabling you to train at different angles and target specific areas more effectively
    • Unrivalled versatility especially if you go for an FID bench (flat, incline and decline) - you can unlock near-full-body workouts with just one bench
    • Almost all adjustable benches can be used flat, and there are benches that even have zero pad gap (the gap can annoy some lifters)
    • You're always covered if your goals change over time - buy one bench and forget

Flat Weight Benches

Convinced you'll be able to meet all your training goals with a flat bench? Check out the 3 flat weight benches we currently offer. Below, we briefly describe the advantages and key specs of each bench, but you can follow the links provided to the product page of the weight bench if you need more detailed information.

Evolution Flat Weight Bench

A great choice for an entry-level bench for your home gym. A lightweight, 20.6kg build makes it easy to move around your gym or store against a wall. Easy assembly, great price, and doesn't take up too much room: you don't need much more if you're just getting started on your weightlifting journey! Key features at a glance include:

  • Weight capacity up to 350kg
  • Dimensions of 107cm length x 51cm width x 50cm height
  • 5cm thick pad with our anti-slip grippy pad material
  • Rubber, non-slip foot caps to prevent movement

Team Flat Weight Bench

If you're looking to take things up a level with your training, or perhaps looking for a durable bench for light-commercial use that doesn't break the bank, then this could be the bench for you. Still a relatively lightweight and easy to manoeuvre 22kg, you'll be able to see and feel the difference with the improved, box tubing compared with the Evolution bench. As an added bonus, the Team bench comes in black, blue, and red, so you can pick the best colour to suit your gym. Key features at a glance include:

  • Massive weight capacity of up to 450kg
  • Dimensions of 120cm length x 42cm width x 45cm height (30cm pad width)
  • Durable 11-gauge steel bolted frame construction with easy assembly
  • High-density foam pad with our grippy upholstery
  • Stable, non-slip feet with rubber caps

Competition Flat Weight Bench

Some say that when the world ends, one of the last things left standing will be our Competition benches... no, but in all seriousness, this bench is specially designed for the heaviest lifts and for use in high-traffic commercial environments, so it can take a beating. But even though it's a beast, wheels and a handle on the bench make moving around this sturdy piece of kit easy, so it's also a great shout for home gyms too. Key features at a glance include:

  • Massive weight capacity of up to 450kg
  • Dimensions of 122cm length x 51cm width x 42cm height (30.5cm pad width)
  • Heavy-duty, 75cmx75cm, 11-gauge oversized steel frame offers unrivalled stability for your lifts
  • High-density 10cm thick foam pad with our grippy upholstery mounted on a sturdy, plywood base
  • Rubber feet caps add extra stability; this bench is going nowhere during your workouts

Adjustable Weight Benches

Convinced by the versatility and extra features that come with a quality adjustable bench? We have 4 different adjustable weight benches (and two folding adjustable benches to tell you about later as well) to choose from, so we've laid out the main advantages and key specs of each. Again, if you want more in-depth info on any of the weight benches, follow the links provided to their dedicated product pages.

Team Plus Adjustable Weight Bench

Thanks to a recent redesign, one of our most popular benches is now even better. It boasts a relatively compact, low-profile design for an adjustable bench, comes in three colours, and is packed full of features that make it a rock-solid choice for a home gym or light commercial setting. Key features at a glance include:

  • Huge max weight capacity of 450kg
  • Dimensions of 130cm length x 60cm width x 43cm flat height (29cm back pad width)
  • 6 adjustable back positions and 3 adjustable seat positions, offering flat and incline options (no decline on this bench)
  • Dense, grippy pads with minimal, 2-inch gap between seat and back pad
  • Reinforced steel tubing and wide feet for a sturdy design and to minimise any potential sway/movement during lifts

Competition Adjustable Weight Bench

A real heavy hitter and historically our best-selling bench - and we think it's easy to see why. It offers the unrivalled versatility of flat, incline, and decline positioning, leg attachments built into the robust frame, and a choice of three colours. At a chunky 40kg and with nice, wide feet, you can rely on this bench to offer a rock-solid base for your lifts. Key features at a glance include:

  • 7 different angle settings from a -20 decline up to an 85-degree incline; this is an FID bench, so offers flat, incline, and decline
  • Huge 450kg weight capacity
  • Dimensions of 155cm length x 68cm width x 45cm height (see product page for detailed specs)
  • Solid, steel construction including steel, bolted adjustment ladder
  • Rear wheels and rubber handle for easy transport (a useful feature when moving a 40kg bit of kit around!)
  • Robust, foam pads, 7cm thick and with our grippy, textured cover for comfort and optimal support for your lifts

Competition Plus Adjustable Weight Bench

New to our range in 2022, the Competition Plus adjustable took a winning formula in our Competition Adjustable Bench design and made some tweaks to ensure it's yet another step up in quality. The result? A sturdy, overbuilt, FID bench packed full of great features and specially designed to handle just about anything you can throw at it, whether in a home gym or a busy commercial facility. Key features at a glance include:

  • Sliding, fully adjustable seat adjusts to zero gap (a seat gap is one of the main drawbacks of an adjustable bench, but that's no issue on this bench!)
  • Bench weighs a substantial 45kg and has a weight capacity of 450kg, a rock-solid workout tool
  • Dimensions of 144cm length x 73.5cm width x 43.5cm height (see product page for detailed specs)
  • Train at just about every angle with 7 adjustable back pad positions (from -10 decline to 85 degrees of incline) and 4 seat positions (from -20 decline to 55-degree incline)
  • Coated, hard-wearing steel construction
  • Wheels and robust, textured handle to help you move this chunky bit of kit around the gym
  • Optional leg attachment to add near-endless decline workout options

Competition Elite Weight Bench

Redesigned in 2022, the Competition Elite Adjustable FID Bench offers arguably the most flexible, secure, and precision lifting experience on the market. There's not much else to say about this bench other than it really is a thing of beauty, and a truly premium option for your gym. Key features at a glance include:

  • Sliding, fully adjustable seat adjusts to zero gap (a seat gap is one of the main drawbacks of an adjustable bench, but that's no issue on this bench!)
  • New design features include upgraded, curved tubing and widened feet for an even more rock-solid base for your workouts
  • Dimensions of 144cm length x 72cm width x 44cm height (see product page for detailed specs)
  • 53kg total weight, weight capacity of 450kg, and an 11-gauge, robust steel frame; this bench isn't moving anywhere even during high-load barbell/dumbbell work at all angles
  • Precision training at any angle, with accurate, pin lock adjustment system. Back positions from 0 to 90-degree incline in 15-degree increments
  • Seat positions -15, 0, 10 and 20 degrees
  • Premium urethane transport handle and rear wheels
  • Optional leg attachment to add near-endless decline workout options

Folding Adjustable Weight Benches

Ok, so I know we said the main decision you'd have to make was whether to choose a flat or an adjustable weight bench... but we do have one more type of bench for you to consider. We also have two adjustable, folding benches, which we thought deserved their own section despite still being a type of adjustable bench. These are benches that offer all the benefits of an adjustable bench, but fold away for more compact storage when not in use, perfect for small gym spaces.

Evolution Folding Adjustable Bench

A solid choice for an entry-level adjustable bench, the Evolution Folding Adjustable Bench is ideal for compact home gyms. It gives you a great range of options for at-home strength programming, and it has the considerable advantage of folding flatter for easy storage. Key features at a glance include:

  • Weight capacity up to 250kg
  • Dimensions of 128cm length x 44.5cm width, and folds flat when not in use for easy storage (29cm pad width)
  • Can be used in incline and decline positions, but please be aware that this bench cannot be used in flat position
  • 5cm thick pad gives great support
  • 14-gauge, powder coated steel frame
  • Lightweight, portable design with carrying handle for easy storage

Team Folding Adjustable Bench

Another new addition in 2022, finally there's a folding, adjustable weight bench that can hold its own against plenty of standard adjustable weight benches on the market; except this one folds away to just 25cm in height when not in use. It's one of the most stable and secure lifting experiences you'll find with a bench that folds away (without costing a small fortune!) Key features at a glance include:

  • Weight capacity up to 250kg, with the bench weighing 24kg, making it easy to move around and light enough for wall mounting
  • Dimensions of 146cm length x 44.5cm width x 46cm height, and folds flat when not in use to just 25cm in height
  • 6 adjustable back pad positions and 3 seat positions for flat, incline and decline functionality (many folding benches can't do all three)
  • Quick-release pins for the adjustable seat and for folding away front legs
  • Front legs fold away with easy when bench isn't in use

Need more inspiration? Check out our range of guides on our product range or browse our blog for helpful features on everything from setting up home gyms to training techniques.

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