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Monolitten CrossFit

Our team (Daniel, Dorothee and myself) met in New Zealand while Daniel and I was studying Sports and coaching at AUT University. It was also in NZ that the three of us found CrossFit. We all ended up joining the same CrossFit gym over there, and soon found that we had the same values and beliefs around health and fitness and what a positive effect it has on people. For us, CrossFit was the number one tool in which we could impact peoples lives in a very positive way. We believe that this impact goes beyond the physical aspects, and we saw that functional training made people better husbands, better wives, better parents, better friends and better people in their community. It gives people a sense of belonging.

Daniel soon started as a coach at CrossFit East Auckland, and I started an internship through my studies as a coach and facility manager at CrossFit Auckland (later turned into my job).

Daniel and Dorothee moved back to Norway 2 years before me and started another box called Øya CrossFit. This has been a great success and this box is full of people doing awesome things every day!

When our team were all back in Norway and living in the same city, we decide it was time we join forces. Our aim is to help other people be better versions of themselves. We want to facilitate for people from all walks of life and our mission statement is: real people, real training, real fun. Because after all, we want people to have fun with their training!

A big focus for us is keeping classes small and giving each and every member a good experience with honest and sincere feedback and follow-ups along the way. We want to encourage a healthy lifestyle and we strive to educate and add value wherever we can. We coach with our hearts and we see the value in a great community within a box, which is something we will breed and treasure.

We are super excited to develop Monolitten CrossFit to be a safe, fun training ground and the second home to a lot of people in Oslo.

I actually worked for Again Faster during their launch in NZ. I absolutely loved the quality of the products, the way they look and the customer service. Because of this I recommended it to Daniel when they were opening Øya CrossFit. They have been super happy with it. It’s been long over a year and the plates still look unused!

We chose Again Faster as our main equipment supplier because first of all we love the products. The plates are durable and the barbells feel great. The new rig not only looks amazing, but the coating on the bars and the high crossbars are genius. It gives us a lot of pull-up and muscle-up stations.

We also turn to Again Faster because we have good experiences with your customer service and the delivery is quick.

Last, but not least, it is important for us to know that our gear holds a high standard and last a long time.

We turned to Again Faster because we have good experiences with the customer service and the delivery is quick.

Last, but not least, it is important for us to know that our gear holds a high standard and last a long time.

Benedikte, Coach & Co-Founder of Monolitten CrossFit

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