Again Faster® 15lb Training Barbell

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Again Faster® 15lb Training Barbell

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  • At 15lbs, this barbell is the perfect training tool for new athletes

  • Load 10lb and 15lb bumper plates to train technique and proper form

  • Lift up to 80lbs safely and efficiently

  • Dual knurl marks means athletes can practice both Olympic and Power lifts

  • Made with two oil-impregnated bronze bushings per collar



Perfect for athletes training with a barbell for the first time, the Again Faster® 15lb Training Barbell offers the perfect scaling option for anyone working on their technique. Weighing in at only 15lbs, athletes can load 10lb and 15lb bumper plates onto a standard length and diameter bar, allowing them to practice 35-80lb lifts with proper form and technique. Designed with two oil-impregnated bronze bushings per collar, dual knurl marks, and an aluminum shaft, this barbell is the perfect tool to transition athletes from body weight movements to more technique driven barbell movements such as of power cleans, snatches, and overhead squats.



    • Weighing 15lbs athletes can practice with a barbell without having to lift more weight than they can handle.
    • Designed specifically to be a technique-training tool, athletes can add standard 10lb and 15lb bumpers, allowing them to start moving a loaded barbell with proper form and safe mechanics.
    • With a maximum load of 80lbs, athletes can add load to a barbell, without a high barrier of entry.
    • Made with two oil-impregnated bronze bushings per collar, these barbells are durable and effective tools for any athlete or fitness gym owner.
    • Moderate knurl markings for both Olympic lifting and Powerlifting makes this barbell an effective and versatile tool, whether you coaching CrossFit®, Olympic or Powerlifting.



The Again Faster® 15lb Training Barbell is not intended to be loaded with more than 65lbs

worth of bumper plates and will bend if this weight is exceeded. All Product Guarantees will be

void if loaded with more than 65lbs.

See the Maintenance Tab for information on properly maintaining, cleaning and storing your




The Again Faster® 15lb Training Barbell is covered under a 1-Year Warranty when used and

stored properly. See the Warranty Tab for more details.


  • Perfect for teaching proper technique and form
  • Barbell weighs 15-lbs



    ● Raw aluminum shaft with black, plated collars

    ● Weight: 15lbs

    ● Max Capacity: 80lbs

    ● 2 oil-impregnated brass bushings per collar

    ● Knurl mark spacing: Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting

    ● Moderate knurl to provide sufficient grip without being too harsh

    ● Sleeve length: 9”

    ● Shaft Diameter: 28MM

    ● Black end cap clearly marking weight measurement



Preventative maintenance for your new Again Faster® Barbell



To extend the life and maintain a proper spin on your Again Faster barbell, white lithium grease

should be sprayed into the collar once every two months. We recommend Fabulous Blaster -

White Lithium Grease for best results.


Do not use WD-40.



Cleaning chalk and debris from the knurling of your barbell once a week is important to

protecting the integrity of your grip and limit the spread of bacteria.

First, apply a thin coat of 3 in One Lock Dry Lube onto the knurling. Then, use a nylon brush to

lightly scrub away packed down debris. Finally, wipe the entire unit with a lint free rag to remove

the oil.

Do not use chemicals containing ammonia, bleach or acid.



We recommend storing your barbell in a dry environment off of the floor. Click here to view our

equipment storage solutions.

Click here to watch our how-to video on barbell maintenance.


This Again Faster Product is covered under our 3 year warranty. The warranty is not transferable and entitles the original purchaser to a repair or replacement of defective products from the date of purchase, with the exception of negligence, accidents, normal wear and tear, or damage due to alteration, storage or handling by the user.

Regular maintenance must be carried out in order for the warranty to be valid, please see maintenance videos on product pages for further assistance.

All items can be used outside, however they should never be stored outside or used in poor weather conditions, including rain.

Again Faster Barbells will not be replaced under warranty if they are used incorrectly. Incorrect use includes, but is not limited to: dropping the bar with iron plates loaded on, dropping the bar on to benches, boxes, spotter arms or pins, concrete or unprotected floors, and the use of Bars for rack pulls.

To register your item/order and validate your warranty please complete the warranty registration form. Please note orders not registered will not be covered under warranty.

For warranty issues, please contact our Warranty Department at or +44 (0)1159 455454


Again Faster® 15lb Training Barbell


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