Evolution Barbell & Training Bumper Package

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Evolution Barbell & Training Bumper Package

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Evolution Barbell & Training Bumper Plate Set Package

The Again Faster Evolution Barbell & Training Bumper Package is everything you need to start lifting. Included is your choice of Again Faster Evolution Barbell, Training Bumper Plate Set and Collars.


Evolution Barbell

Though our most affordable barbell, like the rest of the bars in our lineup, the Again Faster Evolution Barbell consistently outperforms its price. Designed to be the answer for high volume training on a budget, this is perfect for a gym owner looking to get fully stocked on barbells, or as a great addition to any home gym.


  • The AF Evolution Bar has a 209,000 PSI tensile strength, significantly higher than what is generally considered the standard for an everyday lifting barbell.
  • Oil impregnated bronze bushings are press-fit into the inside faces of the collars to provide durability and smooth surface contact with the shaft.
  • A pair of ball bearings coupled with a steel bushing are set in the outer end of each collar, which creates better spin than a standard bushing-only bar.
  • Collars are secured with an internal horseshoe collar and a pair of external snap rings locking the end caps into place. 15-kg and 20-kg color-coded end caps

Training Bumper Plate Set


Maintain your competitive edge with the highest level engineering and design at a fraction of the cost with Again Faster Training Plates. Using sister molds to our Competition Bumper Plate line, these bumpers are the closest you can get to competition-quality plates on a tight budget. Color-coded, raised lettering allows you to easily identify your bumpers, while the thickness and construction of each plate mimics that of our Again Faster Klokov Competition line. This allows you to fit more weight on your barbell and maintain the same precise and responsive feel during lifts.


  • Again Faster Training Plates have a clean, matte-black finish with raised, colored lettering to easily identify different weights.
  • A galvanized, three-piece, co-molded steel collar will not spin or break from the rubber and uses an innovative method to securely lock the bolts in place, safeguarding them from loosening over time.
  • The sandblasted finish of the bumper's binding plates keeps your bumper plates looking pristine, minimizing the scratching seen on other elite level bumpers.
  • A raised lip around the edge of the plate allows them to be carried easily and creates consistent contact points when plates are stacked or loaded on a barbell.
  • The rubber is rated 90 on the Shore A Durometer scale, which deadens the bounce from dropping, while minimizing the shock to the steel core on impact.


Diameter: 450mm (17.72")

Collar Opening: 50.5mm (1.99")

Made of molded, high density virgin rubber Galvanized Zinc Steel collars and sand blasted collar plates


  • 10kg: Green/32.5mm (1.28")
  • 15kg: Yellow/42mm (1.65")
  • 20kg: Blue/54mm (2.13")
  • 25kg: Red/67mm (2.64")


Available Sets

90kg Package:

1 - 10kg (pair)

1 - 15kg (pair)

1 - 20kg (pair)



130 kg Package:

1 - 10kg (pair)

1 - 15kg (pair)

2 - 20kg (pairs)



140kg Package:

1 - 10kg (pair)

1 - 15kg (pair)

1 - 20kg (pair)

1 - 25kg (pair)


Please see “Bumper Plate Set Options” in the right hand column above to make your selection.


This package comes with Again Faster Spring Collars as standard but with the option to upgrade to the following if you are looking for something more:

Again Faster Quick Collars

Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars

Muscle Clamps

Please see “Collar Options” in the right hand 
 column to make your selection.



Evolution Barbell & Training Bumper Package


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