Transforming a tiling warehouse into a fitness space


We've seen all sorts of random spaces transformed into incredible functional fitness facilities, but when we heard about a project that involved converting an old kitchen/bathroom tile showroom & warehouse we had to find out more!

Daniel Wankiewicz (Dan for short!) set out to transform said space into the new home of CrossFit S81 and newly formed Redsky Fitness, and he did just that, in just 3 weeks! Dan is the former coach of CrossFit Worksop and he had a little help from a friend in the shape of Rikki Jeffery of CrossFit Notts.



Dan is quite the creative, above you can see a fully handmade, and incidentally "Klokov Approved" coffee table, which forms the centre of the all important members area, decked out in Redsky Red of course! Klokov himself calls it a "Super Idea" which is praise indeed!

It's becoming more apparent to us that new fitness space owners are really taking time to improve the overall experience for members, gone are the day of plain freezing cold warehouses on industrial estates, things are shifting towards creating spaces where members can socialise as well as develop their fitness. 




When Dan eventually recieved the approval to transform the space, it looked exactly as it does above, still in its functional state as a Tiling warehouse. "It took us 3 weeks from getting planning permission to opening the doors on our first day. We completed all the works ourselves, myself being the former head coach at CrossFit Worksop and Rikki Jeffery of CrossFit Notts"

It's safe to say they got what they wanted three weeks later, a large space with room to execute many different fitness disciplines. "Our concept is to have an always accessible Redsky Barbell/Open Gym area which members can use at any time even during WOD's. This keeps our main gym space just for WOD's, complete with astro and a competition rig."



 Redsky Barbell Club


Redsky WOD Area 


Alongside the cool & spacious workout areas and structured WOD area, Redsky have paid attention to detail on those important extras mentioned earlier. There are shower & changing facilities as well as a recovery room, and of course that great members lounge. 

Of course our involvement in the space was to provide the majority of that all important equipment through our Custom Quote & Facility Fit Out system. According to Dan members "Love the Soft Plyo Cubes" (of course they do, protection is the key!) and are big fans of our Team Bars. Redsky also have equipment from our sister company Indoor Sport Services who have rented the space two Wattbikes to put the members through their paces!


Wattbikes on hire from Indoor Sport Services (From £63 per month)


If you want to find out a little more about Redsky and CrossFit S81 then visit their website HERE! Before you go be sure to check out the video below showing Redsky's transformation from Warehouse to a fantastic fitness facility!



Redsky Fitness from Again Faster on Vimeo.