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  • Description

    Performance & Recovery Xendurance nutrition company was founded in 2006, with the goal to develop a recovery formula that safely & efficiently targets lactic acid. This goal resulted in the achievement of a scientifically tested supplement that helps reduce the production of lactic acid by up to 15%, meaning extended output and faster recovery is made possible!  

    Xendurance has a number of key ingredients, including Calcium Carbonate, Catechins, and the enzyme Papain. Perhaps most importantly for competitive athletes, these ingredients have all been approved by major sporting governing bodies.

    All of this is available in tablet swallowable form, with a guideline dose of six tablets each day, 3 in the morning & 3 in the evening, to achieve the best possible results.

  • Features

    Clinically Proven to Reduce Lactic Acid by 15% Speeds Recovery Improve Aerobic Threshold by Double Digits Benefits Within 72 Hours Reduce Muscle Soreness

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    This Product is covered by the manufacturers warranty. For warranty issues, please contact our Service Team at service@againfaster.eu or +44 (0)1159 455454