Designed for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting training, Again Faster bumper & weight plates have been crafted through elite competition testing and will deliver on every lift. Our plates are manufactured with high quality and durable materials, offering a range of plates that will meet all training challenges.

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Weightlifting Plates Information

Find a wide selection of weightlifting bumper plates and weight plates at Again Faster. Choose from our Olympic weightlifting IWF standard plates to the more functional Virgin and Crumb rubber bumper plate options. Again Faster bumper weight plates ensure performance for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Functional Fitness Training. The style of weight plates you need for your training varies as we stock rubber bumper plates for high impact functional fitness workouts and cast iron weight plates for more targeted strength training or Powerlifting workouts.

Backed up by years of testing and competition usage, Again Faster bumper weight plates have proven high-quality performance across the whole weightlifting plate range. Our bumper weight plates are available in a range of weights, styles and colours to suit your training. Our rubber bumper plates will absorb the shock when dropped, protecting your gym flooring and equipment. The centre ring in the bumper plate collar will closely fit your 2" (50mm) Olympic barbell sleeve and slide smoothly onto the bar.

Why train with bumper weight plates?

Weights plates are some of the most flexible pieces of fitness equipment available; put together with a weight lifting barbell can unlock an extensive number of exercises. Aside from barbell training, weight plates can also be used for effective exercises like plate push-ups, front shoulder raises and overhead plate press, amongst many others. When choosing the right plates, your training style needs to be considered, as there are plates designed for powerlifting, weight training and Olympic weightlifting. We have created a buyer's guide to help you choose the right bumper weight plates; take a look here.

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