Again Faster weight benches are robustly designed to support your weight lifting workouts securely. Our gym benches deliver a rock-solid base for your training, with flat and adjustable options available for those looking to lift heavy or target a specific muscle group.

Flat & Adjustable Weightlifting Benches

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  1. Again Faster Team Adjustable Weight Bench - full product view
    Again Faster® Blue Team Adjustable Weight Bench
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  2. Competition adjustable weight bench: blue - full view
    Again Faster® Blue Competition Adjustable Weight Bench (Pre-Order)

    Pre-order: Shipping from 09/08/2021

2 products

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Weight Benches Information

Again Faster flat and adjustable weightlifting benches are ideal for any home gym or commercial fitness facility. A core tool for strength training, weight benches provide a solid base for free weight training and aid muscular development. When training using the Again Faster weight benches for dumbbell and barbell workouts, you'll experience the comfort and support the weight benches will always provide. We have weight lifting bench options for heavier duty strength training and more functional fitness-based workouts, make sure to check out each bench's weight ratings. Again Faster weight benches are uniquely designed, using the highest quality laser cut steel and upholstery materials, with robot-welded frames for maximum strength.

If you are looking to develop strength and build muscle, our gym weight benches are a fantastic choice to kickstart your weight training. In our weight bench range, we offer cost-effective options for people new to weight lifting, and more advanced, heavy-duty benches with higher weight loads. Weight benches are a key part of any strength equipment selection to build muscle and develop real strength. Target all of the different muscle groups and improve your posture and free weight lifting technique. Our versatile adjustable weight benches allow you to switch up the position of the bench for maximum comfort during your free weight training.

We have created a weightlifting bench guide to provide more details on our benches and help you choose the right bench for you. Again Faster offer the best weight benches for your home gym or commercial fitness facility. Whether you are looking for a lightweight bench that's easily transportable around your home gym or a heavy-duty powerlifting bench, we provide all options in our range.

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