As leading providers of power racks and cages, we have designed our racks to be solid and durable. Our range of power racks covers the needs of the home gym enthusiast through to high traffic commercial demands, offering great performance at every level of lifting.

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  1. Power Rack Press Package
    Power Rack Press Package

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  2. Space Saving Rack Press Package
    Space Saving Rack Press Package

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  3. Squat Rack Press Package
    Squat Rack Press Package

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  4. Team Power Rack Full Strength Package
    Team Power Rack Full Strength Package

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4 products

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Power Racks Information

We have a wide range of power racks, power cages and squat racks suitable for all your serious lifting needs. Power racks and cages should be versatile and solid to support your strength workouts. Our cages will provide this for any home gym or commercial fitness facility. Again Faster cages also have multiple additional accessories available to mix up your weightlifting workouts.

Again Faster offers different styles of power rack to meet the individual needs of our customers, with racks weight rated from 450kg to 680kg. We stock the traditional squat stand and cage style racks and also the popular space-saving folding power racks.

It's important to consider your personal training needs or your members' needs before choosing your rack. The different power racks offer varying features depending on the price point and training requirements. If you want some specialist advice, check out our power rack guide.

Why Use A Power Rack For Strength Training?

There are many benefits of using a power rack for strength training workouts, most importantly reducing the potential risks of falling weights that could injure the user. The power rack unlocks free weight training to engage more muscle groups and optimise weaker target areas. Using accessories like rack spotter pins and safeties, the user can be safely protected if they fail a heavy lift as the falling bar and weights will be caught by the safety spotter pins. You can push your training levels closer to failure, knowing you are protected as you build strength and start lifting heavier weights.

A wide range of weight training exercises can be performed using a power rack, from the core powerlifting pressing and squatting movements to pull-ups and rows with added accessories. The solid structure of the power rack allows people to train with heavier weights than normal, as the rack will secure the positioning of the weight on the barbell before any lifts. The rack will let you initially focus on your form and technique before testing your limits.

Without a doubt, a quality power rack should form the core of your training space, allowing you to lift safely and build real muscle. You won't need a training partner, and the racks are designed for a quick set up to give you a seriously versatile piece of fitness equipment. Combined with the essential weights, barbell and weight bench, you'll have all the tools for full-body training.

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