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Again Faster Bumper Plate Guide

Having access to elite standard strength equipment on demand at home will help achieve better training consistency and undoubtedly free up more personal time. There are a number of benefits to having equipment at home, here's just a few:

  • Setting up your training space and equipment to your requirements
  • Using your favoured equipment when you want (without waiting in line)
  • Save a huge amount of time not travelling for your workouts

We really could go on forever and of course the home gym vs commercial gym debate is really down to personal circumstance and preference, we're increasingly seeing people opt for both!

One of the main questions we have been receiving in recent months is around what set up people need to enable them to strength and weight train at home, to a standard they are used to in a commercial gym. So we are going to provide some guidance on the core components that are needed to hit the key compound movements from a home set up.

At Again Faster, we offer a range of strength equipment and have built some easy to shop packages that are customisable and include all the equipment you need.

Key Components For Strength Training

1. Barbell

The most commonly seen piece of home gym equipment is the barbell. A good weight lifting barbell will benefit any user, is simple to use and extremely versatile. To name just a few, the barbell can allow you to squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press.

2. Weight Plates & Bumpers

To complement the barbell you will need to purchase some weight plates or weightlifting bumper plates. Which style of plates entirely depends on the type on training that you plan to perform. Regular compoud work with a barbell will just need weight plates, however Olympic weightlifting training will require rubber bumper plates that can be dropped onto rubber gym flooring. There are many different specifications of each type of plate, so it's important to do your homework before buying.

3. Squat or Power Rack

Racks can vary greatly in specificaiton and size, there's mobile squat stand available all the way up to heavy duty commercial style power racks. Which direction you take in choosing your rack depends on things like budget and training space, but ultimately it'll be the base for performing most movements. If you have a restricted training area, there are many space saving options that will still allow for alternative use of the area when training is finished.

4. Weight Bench

A strong and durable weight bench is key for providing a solid training base, with bench press being widely regarding one of the most effective upper body lifts you can perform. When buying a bench it's key to consider it's comfort, specificaitons and weight rating that will match up to your training needs. By adding a bit more to your budget you will really experience a higher level of quality when it comes to weight benches, with there being a huge selection in the market.

5. Gym Flooring

Quality rubber gym flooring is essential to provide a strength training area with a secure base. It's very likely at some stage heavy equipment will be dropped onto the floor, despite our best efforts to be careful. A heavy duty rubber tile or mat will provide great protection for both your flooring underneath and the equipment, as the shock absorbing featues will cushion any impact.

Again Faster Rack Packages
Evolution Bar
Power Rack Package

The Power Rack package will offer a full body training station with everything you need for your home workouts. You will be able to work a range of muscle groups all from a single station, the key compound barbell lifts and adjustable grip pull ups. To go one step further you can also utilise the lat row attachment for further versatility. Combine all the features you need into one package for intense totaly body workouts.

Technical Details
Rack Style Power Rack/Cage
Rack Design Freestanding
Pull Up Bar Yes
Weight Capacity 315KG
Additional Evo series accessories Rear base weight storage

Training Bar
Folding Rack Package

If space is a big concern, the folding rack package will offer a squat rack, power rack or pull up rig all in one space saving unit. We have designed our folding racks that match up to our freestanding racks for durability and sturdiness, meaning you don't have to sacrifice you equipment specifications for space.

Technical Details
Rack Style Power/Squat Rack
Rack Design Wall Mounted
Pull Up Bar Yes (on the folding power rack)
Weight Capacity 350/450KG
Additional Team series accessories Innovative folding design

Evolution Bar
Squat Rack Package

The most traditional of all racks, the squat stand rack is essential for basic strength training and is often a lower cost option compared to power racks. If you plan on loading up a heavy barbell and training alone, you will need a squat stand to rack your bar and weights on. Most squat stands are also a good option for areas with minimal space, the footprints of most squat stands is compact and will fit in most homes.

Technical Details
Rack Style Squat Stand
Rack Design Freestanding
Pull Up Bar No
Weight Capacity 450KG
Additional Team series accessories 1 inch hole spacing

Training Bar
Team Rack Package

If you are looking for a higher weight rated commercial style rack, this package will suit the most advances strength training regimes. Additionally, you can add the team serious accessories to further enhance the rack. Complete with two pull up bars at the front and rear of the rack, you can workout with a partner with ease.

Technical Details
Rack Style Power Rack Cage
Rack Design Freestanding
Pull Up Bar Yes
Weight Capacity 450KG
Additional Team series accessories 1 inch hole spacing

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