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  1. Team Power Rack Full Strength Package
    Team Power Rack Full Strength Package

    From £535.50 Regular Price £630.00

    To £2,561.50 Regular Price £2,710.00

  2. Team 2.0 Barbell & Competition Bumper Package
    Team 2.0 Barbell & Competition Bumper Package

    As low as £795.00

  3. Competition Plates Package 90KG
    Competition Plates Package 90KG
  4. Competition Plates Package 140KG
    Competition Plates Package 140KG
  5. Competition Plates Package 120KG
    Competition Plates Package 120KG
  6. Competition Plates Package 110KG
    Competition Plates Package 110KG
  7. compplate20kg1.jpg
    Again Faster® Competition Bumper Plates

    Starting at £180.00

7 products

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Having easy access to fitness equipment is key to maintaining a healthy energetic lifestyle. Whether you are looking to simply increase your fitness levels or build some serious strength, we are on hand to help you find the perfect home gym equipment set up. Creating your own home gym space is the most convenient way to find time for your training, it could be in the garage or that empty spare room.

There are various ways you can build your home gym set up, which can be space and budget dependent. Again Faster supply the home gym essentials, power racks, squat racks, weight benches and weightlifting equipment to get you started. If space is an issue, we also provide some of the best space-saving options available, to make the most of your space when you are not working out.

Check out our home gym guide to see our equipment suggestions and ideas for your own space. We can provide some great home gym ideas for you, to help you find the right gym equipment for your personal workouts. Build the ultimate home gym with Again Faster to lift weights, build muscle and improve fitness from your own home. Whether is high-quality power racks, squat stands and weight benches or simply just kettlebells and dumbbells Again Faster can provide all the equipment you need for the best home gym fitness set up.