Essential Home Gym Equipment

Build Your Home Gym

We’ve put together this handy list of essential equipment to help build out your home gym with a maximum range of workouts in mind. It doesn't take much to build the perfect home gym, with the right amount of space it can be your greatest investment. With the endless categories of fitness equipment now available, we'll focus on what we believe to be the 'must-have' home gym equipment. 

  • Squat Racks and Cages

    Training at home means less chance of a training partner or someone to spot your heavier lifts, a good quality squat rack will not only aid your practice but also serve to maintain your safety so you can still strive for those PRs. It's important to choose a squat rack or a cage with good quality steel tubing that can support your heavy lifting workouts.

  • Bench

    Versatile and sturdy with a range to chose from including an adjustable, wide pad and our IPF standard flat bench. Having a home workout bench will serve as your swiss army knife of training equipment.

  • Pull Up Bar

    Our home pull up bar can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, and with a variable depth of 14” & 26”, you won't be limited for a range of movements. Our home pull up bar can also be paired with our wood rings for your choice of callisthenics workout.

  • Barbell and Bumper Plates

    You don't need to be a pro weightlifter to own your own set or bar and bumper plates, we offer a range of options for those starting out as well as anyone looking to reach competition standard. The barbell is the foundational piece of equipment you need in your home gym, investing in a good quality bar will be a great training partner. 

  • Resistance bands

    Add dimension to your training with a set of resistance bands. Available in a variety of strengths, there's almost nothing these simple tools cannot do; use them for glute workouts, warm-ups or even to assist with pull-ups!

  • Kettlebells

    Simple and functional, the kettlebell is a popular piece of home gym equipment for a reason.

  • CV equipment

    Add cardio into the mix with a bike, rower or simply a lap around the block if you have the surroundings available!

  • Wood Rings

    Wood rings are flexible and a great piece of equipment to take on the road for those on-the-move workouts. Improve your bodyweight training with minimal space requirements!

Looking to build a home or commercial gym and need some advice on set up and equipment? Either drop us a message via Facebook or send us an email to and our team will be happy to help. 
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